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Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Look anywhere online, and you’ll likely notice lots of short articles and a lot of info about the “greatest chicken breed,” the “most efficient chicken breed,” the “heaviest chicken breed,” and more.

All in all, many people wish to raise huge, husky birds– even when they’re just raising them for a couple of eggs out of the backyard.

chicken types
Chicken Types

There are plenty of great circumstances to raise small chicken breeds, too.

The small chicken breeds are not just cute, however, they’re also easy to raise. They are most likely to be friendly, and they’re ideal for a little backyard.

Small chicken breeds are easy to raise and are an excellent choice if you’re looking to start a backyard flock. They’re easy to care for and very friendly.

… do you have what it takes to raise one of the twelve small chicken breeds?

Let’s discover!

Why Would You Want a Small Chicken?


Here are a couple of factors that you need to check out owning small chicken breeds:

Less Food Consumption

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

If you raise a smaller-sized chicken, it’s going to consume less. It’s as easy as that.

If you wish to raise chickens in a free-range style without having them wreck your garden, raising a bantam chicken breed might be the way to go.

These birds are typically half the size of common breeds, suggesting they’ll need a portion of the feed, too.

To be reasonable, you may not have the ability to make a jumbo-sized omelet from a bantam egg– however, the majority of small chicken breeds lay just as frequently as their bigger equivalents.

While bantam eggs tend to be smaller sized, they are much cuter and can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Little Coop or Living Space

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

The smaller size of the chicken, the less it will need space.

That takes food, housing, and whatever else.

They’ll also produce less waste! This implies that small chicken breeds are frequently much easier and more economical to raise.

Smaller chickens have less space requirements. They don’t take up as much room, and they don’t eat as much. They are much easier to handle and tend to be more gentle. Smaller chickens also produce less waste and are easier to feed.

Plus, if you reside in a location that has constraints on the size of your chicken cage, you simply might not be set to raise enormous birds like Jersey Giants.

These small chicken breeds permit you to keep chickens even if you have a restricted area to deal with.

Excellent Personalities

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Smaller-sized chickens normally know that they do not have a lot to give in the way of combating abilities– for that reason, they tend to be more docile.

If you have kids or desire a chicken that you can quickly manage, think about raising among these small chicken breeds.

What is a Bantam Chicken?

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

A bantam chicken is one that is a smaller-sized equivalent of a big chicken breed.

A bantam chicken will be about a half to a 3rd of the size of its bigger equivalent.

There are some chickens, nevertheless, that are considered “real” bantams.

A real bantam breed is one that has no other big equivalent. These breeds are breeds within themselves and do not have a full-sized option.

12 Small Chicken Breeds That We Recommend


Here are 12 of our preferred small chicken breeds:

1. Silkie

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Optimum Size: 2-3 pounds
Personality: Docile and simple to train
Eggs: Up to 120 annually
Meat: Considered a special in Asia, however otherwise not raised for meat

The Silkie chicken needs to win an award for being the most popular small chicken breed!

It is so charming, fluffy, and lovable that it’s one of the most commonly picked show breeds in the United States.

While Silkies are typically raised as full-sized breeds in other countries, they are just offered in the United States in the bantam variety.

These chickens start laying eggs at around 20 weeks of age and are a few of the very best hens you will find.

Easy to manage and with a predisposition to go broody, these chickens are frequently picked by backyard breeders who desire their Silkies to rest on other eggs besides their own– something they typically do even with eggs of other poultry breeds!

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Silkie chickens appear like little puffballs and can be found in a variety of colors.

They have blue earlobes and skin and bones that are completely black, making them an extremely searched-for bird in some corners of the world.

2. Booted Bantam (Sablepoot).

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise


Optimum Size: Less than 2 pounds.
Personality: Docile.
Eggs: 150-180 small white eggs each year.
Meat: Minimal.

The Booted Bantam is among the earliest and rarest Bantam breeds around– yet it’s likewise among the true bantam breeds.

It has six-inch-long plumes that cover its hocks and feet, which is why the bird is described as Sablepoot in Dutch.

Booted Bantams are rather small, with males hardly ever reaching 2 pounds. It has big wings with broad backs and has actually been a popular backyard breed for many years as it is rather a great pet.

Booted Bantams lay plenty of eggs, these aren’t typically ideal for consumption due to the fact that they are so small. They are remarkable moms.

Booted Bantams can be prone to illness and changes in the environment, so they aren’t an excellent choice if you’re brand-new to backyard chicken keeping.

If you are interested in showing chickens or having a brand-new pet, this is an excellent alternative for you to consider.

3. Sebright.

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Optimum Size: Less than 2 pounds.
Personality: Friendly however chatty.
Eggs: 160 each year.
Meat: Minimal.

Another real Bantam– suggesting it has no full-size equivalent– this chicken was bred and called by Sir John Saunders Sebright in the 1800s.

Created to be a show chicken breed, this rose-combed chicken is really low-maintenance and a great alternative for individuals who are brand-new to raising show breeds.

These chickens are not meat birds, and while they can be a bit loud, they lay up to 160 little white eggs each year.

They begin laying fairly early, at around 16 weeks, and produce stunning plumage.

They’re a popular show bird and are excellent buddies for children.

4. Belgian d’Anvers.
Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Optimum Size: Less than 2 pounds.
Character: Occasionally aggressive.
Eggs: Up to 160 annually.
Meat: Minimal.

The Belgian d’Anvers is frequently considered a Bantam since it has no other full-size equivalent.

These chickens lay lots of small white eggs however are more typically raised as show birds.

Initially from Belgium, Belgian d’Anvers roosters can be rather dominant amongst the other members of the flock– yet enjoy being around people.

They are mild and curious and hit it off with children.

These chickens frequently do not have wattles, however rather have unbalanced bodies that enable them to bring themselves upright and happy.

These low-maintenance chickens can be raised for egg production or meat production, however, given that they place on so little weight, the latter is not always recommended.

These chickens, too, can be rather loud! If you reside in the city, you might wish to limit these chickens, as they can get loud when they are aggressive.

Otherwise, they are easy to manage and can be found in fourteen different colors, consisting of splash, black, porcelain, millefleur, quail, mottled, and more.

5. Cochin Bantams.

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Optimum Size: Less than 2 pounds.
Character: Broody.
Eggs: Up to 160 each year.
Meat: Decent.

These chickens came from China and are fantastic broody moms.

If you have an interest in hatching your own eggs, you need to certainly consider this breed.

Known as Pekin Bantams, Cochin bantams are mostly decorative and come in a variety of colors, such as partridge, buff, golden laced, white, black, mottled, and red.

Cochins are typically rather big birds, maturing to 9 pounds sometimes, however, the bantam variety of this breed is much smaller sized, hardly ever reaching 2 pounds.

These chickens need closed secured cages, as they do best with minimal area and are prone to attacks from hawks and other air-borne predators.

These birds can lay up to 3 or 4 eggs weekly. They tend to go broody and make exceptional moms.

6. Belgian Bearded d’Uccle.

small chicken breeds

Optimum Size: Less than 2 pounds.
Personality: Broody and excellent foragers.
Eggs: Up to 100 each year.
Meat: Poor quality.

The name appears difficult to pronounce, however, the Belgian Bearded d’Uccle (noticeable dew-clay) is a small chicken breed you need to consider.

This chicken is typically described as the Mille Fleur, which is just the most color version in which this chicken is seen.

D’Uccle chickens have complete beards and muffs in addition to a broad back and a stock neck. It has feathered feet and a stylish tail.

You can find this chicken in other color varieties too, which includes silver quail, Lavender, white, and more, however just 7 are in fact acknowledged by the American Poultry Association.

These chickens are frequently confused with Booted Bantams, however, they are rather different because the Booted Bantams do not have beards or muffs.

These feather-legged appeals are little, just growing up to 22 ounces.

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While they aren’t remarkable layers, just producing around 100 eggs each year, they do lay year-round and go broody rather quickly.

7. Sultan Bantam.
Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Optimum Size: 1.5 pounds.
Personality: Approachable and caring.
Eggs: Less than 60 each year.
Meat: Poor quality.

The Sultan Bantam is among America’s preferred show chicken breeds.

With origins dating all the way back to the Ottoman empire, these chickens have a special design of feathering that covers their whole heads all the way to their feet.

They are typically white and their plumes are poofy. Surprisingly, they have 5 toes instead of the normal 4!

What’s really special about these chickens is that it’s not just their heads that are white– however, their beaks are white, too!

These chickens have pinkish-red combs and make excellent show birds due to their calm, unwinded disposition.

These chickens are not amazing layers, just producing about one small egg every week.

They are likewise not known to be broody. They make excellent family pets and will quickly come up to you for a fast cuddle.

8. Japanese Bantam.

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Optimum Size: Less than 2 pounds.
Personality: Shy.
Eggs: Fewer than 60 annually.
Meat: Minimal.

Japanese Bantams are rather intriguing to take a look at, as it constantly looks like though they are crouching.

These chickens have remarkably short legs and are a real Bantam breed.

They have no plumes on their legs however rather have stunning, fanning tails that expanded on a rooster and stand directly on a hen.

There are a number of color variations of this breed, however, among the most typical is the Black-Tailed White Japanese Bantam.

This chicken has a white body and plumes that ultimately cause a waterfall of stylish black plumes.

These birds have a track record for being a bit shy, however, they are likewise really easy to tame.

They do not lay many eggs– generally just about one each week– however, these will be cream or tinted in color. They likewise make exceptional moms.

9. Dutch Bantams.

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Optimum Size: Less than 20 ounces.
Character: Nervous.
Eggs: About 100 annually.
Meat: Poor quality.

Dutch Bantams have credibility for fidgeting chickens, however, they’re rather friendly.

You have to be mindful when connecting with them, as they will surprise you at the smallest sound.

These chickens are true-bantams– there is no standard-size variation of the breed, however, they can be found in several varieties such as Golden Duckwing, Blue Golden, Cuckoo, and Partridge.

These chickens are great setters and likewise are outstanding, protective moms.

They are good layers, generally producing about 2 light-brown bantam eggs each week.

These chickens have a single comb and while they aren’t particularly cold or heat durable, they succeed in confinement.

10. Buff Brahma Bantams.

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Optimum Size: Less than 3 pounds.
Character: Friendly and active.
Eggs: Minimal.
Meat: Minimal.

These chickens are a mini variation of the popular Brahma breed.

Acknowledged by the American Poultry Association in 1946, Buff Brahma Bantams are child-friendly chicken breeds that are likewise frequently raised for an exhibit.

They have feathered feet and are buff-colored with a black ridge around the neck, tail, and wing pointers.

These chickens are rather sturdy and can bear both cold and hot conditions well.

They lay a couple of eggs, and while they aren’t grown for meat production, they make a terrific breed to be raised as a household pet.

11. Rosecomb Bantams.

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise


Optimum Size: Less than 2 pounds.
Character: Nervous.
Eggs: 50 each year.
Meat: Minimal.

Rosecomb Bantams are self-dependent chickens who do not let their size get them down!

These friendly chickens are easy to train and can be found in a variety of colors.

These chickens can be a bit active, however, they are stunning show chickens.

These chickens hold true bantams without any bigger equivalents. Accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1874, this breed is not perfect for amateur chicken keepers.

This is due to the fact that Rosecomb Bantams tend to be a bit flighty and unstable.

They aren’t excellent egg layers, producing just about 50 cream-colored eggs each year. They likewise are not developed to be meat birds.

12. Serama Bantams.

Top 12 Amazing Small Chicken Breeds You Can Raise

Optimum Size: 19 ounces.
Character: Friendly and peaceful.
Eggs: Up to 160 each year.
Meat: Poor quality.

Serama Bantams are typically described as the tiniest chickens worldwide.

Belonging to Malaysia, these chickens stand erect and upright with their heads almost touching their tail plumes.

They can be discovered in numerous various color versions, the just one acknowledged by the American Poultry Association is white.

These chickens are calm and friendly, and even the roosters aren’t that loud. They are simple to manage and train and are really docile.

Serama Bantams are tiny chickens that can grow up to two pounds in weight. They can live for many years if you take care of them. These chickens are known for their beautiful feathers, and the males have long tails that they use for display.

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They are very intelligent and can learn a variety of tricks, such as standing on a platform, jumping through a hoop, and running around a table. They also enjoy a good scratch behind their ears.

The eggs that the hens produce aren’t that big, they lay lots of them– up to 4 per week!

How to Care for Small Chicken Breeds.

Raising a small chicken breed is no different than if you were raising another kind of chicken.

Small chicken breeds are generally not as common as large breeds, but they can be just as easy to raise. There are a few factors you need to take into consideration when raising small chickens.

Beware During Incubation.

Some small chicken breeds are exceptionally hard– if not difficult– to hatch by yourself.

While smaller-sized chicken breeds are more most likely to go broody on their own, it can be difficult to hatch eggs in an incubator since many of them have a propensity to hatch early– as much as 3 days.

If you are hatching your own eggs in an incubator, you will need to make a point of eliminating the turner earlier than regular so that the eggs can get into a mentor position.

Watch on the Weather.

Bantam small chicken breeds require about a 3rd of the cage and run area as full-sized breeds– however keep in mind, the more area will never ever injure.

You must make sure your chickens have an adequate defense against the weather condition.

Depending upon the breed, a lot of small chicken breeds are rather prone to severe temperature level variations.

Small chicken breeds need to be protected from extreme temperatures as well as extreme heat and cold. You need to ensure that they are kept in a place that is warm enough and that they have access to shade.

Some small chicken breeds, like the Silkie, require extra security from the weather condition.

They can’t get wet since their feet are feathered and their bodies are so little that it makes it tough for them to remain warm.

The little Serama chicken, too, requires additional security throughout the cold.

That being stated, it’s all approximately the breed and personality of your specific chickens. Some bantams do rather well in severe temperature levels– Cochin bantams, for example, are incredibly cold tolerant.

Ensure Your Small Chicken Breeds Are Protected Against Predators.

It can be hard for small chicken breeds to escape predators.

If you are raising among the small chicken breeds we pointed out that tend to become flighty, that’s terrific– that flightiness will offer your birds some included security versus predators.

Keep in mind that considering that these chickens typically have smaller-sized legs and smaller-sized wings, they will have a more difficult time getting away.

Most predators are very adept at catching and killing small animals. To protect your small chicken breeds from predators, ensure that you are providing them with a secure enclosure.

They can be protected by fencing or using a predator-proof cage. If you are worried about predators coming into your yard or garden, you can use chicken wire or chicken wire fencing to keep them out.

In fact, you can even get chicken wire fencing that is specifically designed for small chicken breeds. Make sure you are aware of the predators that are most likely to come into your yard or garden.

Make certain you have an adequate defense for your chickens, whether that remains in the kind of a high fence, a covered run, or perhaps simply a super-aggressive bantam rooster, to ensure they remain safe.

That recommendation opts for other chickens, too.

It’s an excellent concept to keep your small chicken breeds different from your full-size chickens, particularly if you have big breeds in your backyard.

Full-sized roosters can frequently hurt or kill small chicken breed hens by mistake while trying to mate.

Bigger chickens likewise tend to be aggressive in the chain of command. Plus, if the bigger chickens turn down a single bantam, your bird will have a difficult time remaining warm.

There you have it! These twelve small chicken breeds are not just pint-sized, however, they’re likewise charming and a great deal of enjoyment to raise.

If you’re thinking about including small chicken breeds in your backyard flock, whether it’s for exhibit or simply to have as a pet, consider these breeds (and our recommendations!) to keep them delighted and healthy.


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