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7 Amazing Facts About Red Sex Link Chickens

What Are Red Sex Link Chickens?

Red Sex Link chickens are a hybrid breed. And every hatchery has diverse ways to produce them. Normally, breeders will pick in between a New Hampshire Red rooster or Rhode Island Red. They choose between White Delawares, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Rhode Island White, or Plymouth Rock for a hen.

These crosses are available in a series of various names depending upon what breeds they utilize. The most typical representation from hatcheries is the Red Star Sex Link Chickens. Other names like the Golden Comet are another sex link bird. These are Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn cross.

red sex link chicken

One thing constantly stays; the color of the chicks. Males hatch with a light yellow or almost all white coloring. On the other hand, hens are born with a red buff to their plumes. What are the Red Sex Link chickens’ advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages Of Red Sex Link Chickens.

Now we will begin by discussing all the great qualities of the Red Sex Link. This list is long and sure to make you fall in love with the Red Sex Link.

Gender Identifying


The most apparent advantage to the Red Sex Link Chicken is that you can familiarize the genders from the first day. This attribute alone makes them best for owners just desiring egg production hens.

When you purchase chicks from a feed store, there is always an opportunity for misgendering. And nobody likes to wind up with a tricky rooster.

Why would not you desire a rooster? For beginners, you do not require a rooster for quality eggs. Your hens will continue producing whether they have a male present or not. And second of all, roosters aren’t legal within city limitations. Getting an ensured gender of chick conserves you a lot of problems.
7 Amazing Facts About Red Sex Link Chickens

Egg Production


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The Red Sex Link chickens’ egg production resembles no other. Rain or shine, you will get up to 300 eggs a year. This is a large quantity for such a little bird. You can ensure that your Red Sex Link will provide you 5-6 eggs a week, with their peak year being after 2 years old.

Red Sex Chickens are Early Layers


When does Red Sex-Link Chicken start laying eggs? A lot of pullets start laying eggs around 16-17 weeks. And these birds do not begin with little eggs like other types. Your Red Sex Link will offer you big to extra-large eggs from the very start.


Are Red Sex Link chickens cold sturdy? You wager they are. Your Red Sex Links are really constant with egg-laying throughout the cold season. And they do extremely well keeping warm in the winter season.

With a couple of small modifications to weather-proof your cage, your Reds will be simply great in even the coldest weather condition.

7 Amazing Facts About Red Sex Link Chickens

Red Sex Link Chickens Easily Adapts

These birds adjust to any weather condition or ecological changes easily. Even when you initially bring them home, they appear to fit right in. Some breeds get bewildered and take weeks to appear comfortable in new situations.

Red Sex Link Chickens are Dual-Purpose

While the Red Sex Link isn’t the largest chicken, they still make exceptional meat production birds. Depending on the cross utilized, the typical Red Sex Link Chickens weighs between 6-9 pounds. Their main role is as an egg producer.

7 Amazing Facts About Red Sex Link Chickens


Some breeds are more difficult to find than others. The Red Sex Link is more common all over the USA, particularly with the rise in yard flocks. You can buy them from local breeders, in hatcheries, and even from feed stores.

Ensure you see a reliable breeder that breeds a genuine Red Sex Link Chicken and not some other breed.

Easy To Tame

If a Red Sex Link Chicken has no human connection, they can be a little hostile. With many interactions from a young age, they are the most manageable chicken to tame. You can persuade their hearts with a little food and continuous handling. And doing this makes a docile hen that does not mind managing.

7 Amazing Facts About Red Sex Link Chickens


Our hens aren’t just for eggs. They are likewise remarkable to observe, so you will never be bored with the Red Sex Link chicken. These chickens enjoy figuring things out and explore. Whether they are looking at the garden or checking out the lawns, they are enjoyable to watch.

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Due to their curious characters, Red Sex Link Chickens are also perfect foragers. They enjoy slugs and bugs as their primary diet. And no pest goes undetected by their watchful eyes. Having a few Red Sex Link Chickens will eradicate any problems and hinder them in the future.

7 Amazing Facts About Red Sex Link Chickens


For the newbie, you probably want your hens for egg production. And absolutely nothing is more troublesome than a broody chicken that you can’t break. Thankfully the Red Sex Link Chicken is not associated with going broody frequently.


And our last pro is that the Red Sex Link chicken is kid-friendly. You will not need to bother about a crazy hen assaulting your kids for no motive. Your hens will happily show up and get along. And your children will not have anything to fear.

7 Amazing Facts About Red Sex Link Chickens

Disadvantages Of Owning Red Sex Link Chickens

Next on our Red Sex Link chickens Pros and Cons is the unfavorable side. Every chicken has excellent qualities that everybody likes. They also have cons that make or break the breed. Here are some of the things to ponder before including Red Sex Link Chickens to your flock.

Red Sex Link Chickens Have Short Lifespan

The majority of chickens usually live from 5-10 years. However, the Red Sex Link Chickens live 2-3 years on average. Considering that these birds mature early, they also get in aging much faster.

And some owners say that their hens do not make it that long due to reproduction concerns. If you were seeking a breed that would have a long and healthy life, the Red Sex Link Chicken isn’t for you.

Laying Years

How Long do Red Sex Link Chickens lay eggs? With a 3-year life span, it’s apparent that their egging days aren’t long. The Red Sex Link Chicken begins strong however has a consistent and fast decrease after 2 years. And a lot do not live long after they stop laying eggs.

Red Sex Link Chickens Are Always Hungry

It takes a considerable amount of food to keep these hens laying 5-6 large eggs a week. Your Red Sex Link chickens will plead for food and appear always to be hungry. The good side is that they can forage for the majority of their food if permitted to free-roam.

If you live in suburban areas, free-roaming isn’t the simplest action. You might try to landscape your run. However, these hens enjoy foraging. It could be challenging to keep up with if your flock is big.

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Health Issues

While Red Sex Link chickens are typically healthy birds, they aren’t immune to health problems. The most common health issue in Red Sex Link Chickens is reproductive conditions. Things like the nutrient deficit, peritonitis, egg boundand prolapse are the most typical in these chickens.

And many Red Sex Link chickens have actually repeated concerns with these illnesses. Which eventually causes death in a lot of chickens. If you aren’t prepared to take care of egg-laying issues, the Red Sex Link isn’t for you.

Roosters Temperament

Hens are noted for their friendly characters. Roosters, on the other hand, are excessively aggressive. You may notice that they attempt to safeguard their flocks against people. They aren’t the most friendly birds and are not trusted around kids. The great news is that you can ensure you will not get one if you do not want a rooster.


Red Sex Link hens aren’t aggressive; however, they can be a little bossy. You will see your Red Sex Links chasing other smaller chickens and dispute for a pecking order. We would not call them extremely aggressive. They will not continue to fight. However, they like consistency in their day-to-day routine.

Bored Easily

Because of their curious natures, the Red Sex Link gets bored rapidly. You will need to strive to provide new foraging products to keep them entertained. Entertainment is specifically essential during the cold winter season. Hanging treats and concealing mealworms are amazing for chickens of all ages.


covered run or clipping the wings are essential for the Red Sex Link Chickens. These chickens enjoy flying up and over their coops since they are constantly trying to find new fun. If you aren’t cautious, your flock will disappear into the neighbor’s backyard.


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