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Everything You Need to Know About The Excellent Breed of Arcona Chicken or Araucana in 2020

The Arcona Chicken more known as the Araucana (Spanish: Gallina Mapuche) is a breed of domestic chicken from Chile. Its name originates from the Araucanía region of Chile where it is thought to have come from. It lays blue-shelled eggs, one of very few types of chicken breeds that do so. Breed requirements for the […]

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Facts About California Chickens in 2020 (And Why it’s One of the Best for Egg Production)

The California Chickens White may be among the most successful and efficient hybrid egg laying breeds of chickens in history. They are the outcome of crossing a White Leghorn hen with a California Grey rooster. California Chickens Whites are appealing chickens with the lightweight and upright style typical of the Mediterranean types. They are mainly […]