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10 Facts About California White Chickens (And Why it’s One of the Best for Egg Production)

The California-chickens/">California Whiteef="">White Chickens may be among the most successful and efficient hybrid egg-laying breeds of chickens in history. They are the outcome of crossing a White Leghorn hen with a California Grey rooster.

The California White Chicken is one of the most successful breeds of chickens in the world. They have been developed over the years to be an egg layer that can lay up to 250 eggs a year.

They are one of the top five most successful egg-laying breeds in the world and they are known for their ability to produce large amounts of eggs without stress.

The California White Chicken is an exceptional breed. They are entertaining, easy to keep as backyard pets, and good layers, laying approximately 300 big white eggs every year.

The finest thing is that this sex-link breed combines the best characteristics of both breeds. They lay huge eggs on a regular basis, but are not as vociferous as the White Leghorn. The Gray California gave them their stature and moderate sociable disposition.

If you want an outstanding layer for your backyard chicken flock, choose the California White.

In this article, we will talk about how they came to be, what makes them so special, and why you should consider breeding them.

california white chickens

California Whites Chickens are appealing chickens with the lightweight and upright style typical of the Mediterranean types. They are mainly white with a single comb.

Versatile, California White Chickens do well free-ranging and likewise do great in local conditions.

california white chickens

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Production of California White Chickens

California White Chickens lay a prolific number of large white eggs. Three hundred or more eggs annually can be anticipated. These are likewise incredibly hardy chickens, with a long lifespan, and they lay for a more extended period than White Leghorns.

They are quick growers too and start laying at an early age. California Whites do well in cold environments and continue to lay well even in fall when other types slow down or decrease egg production.

California White Chickens are a great breed to add to your flock if you live in a climate where you need to keep your chickens warm during winter. You will see that they have a very nice, white plumage and a bright red comb.

california white chickens pullet
California White Pullet

The Character of California White Chickens

These active birds are energetic and perfect egg layers. However, they can be a bit flighty and aloof with human interactions.

These chickens are excellent layers and are considered one of the best egg-laying breeds. However, they can be quite independent and flighty. The good thing about this breed is that it is very easy to keep and will lay eggs regularly.

They also make great meat birds because they grow fast. They are not very friendly to people though, so if you want to keep them, you should keep them in a pen. They will get along well with other chickens and will help to provide an environment for a group of chickens.

They seem almost similar to White Leghorns, and if you’re new to chickens, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t notice the difference.

However, there are a few physical variations between the two:

  • Californians have larger combs.
  • Overall, they are slightly larger birds.
  • They have a few black dots on their feathers, usually near the bottom of their back.

It’s worth noting that they can fly higher than your typical chicken. They won’t take flight and flee, at least not unless you have low parameter fencing.

But I’ve seen them reach previously unthinkable heights. For example, they could start on top of the coop and work their way up to another outhouse structure from there.

Some owners even clip the primary flight feathers. These are the broadest feathers on the wing, towards the tip. It doesn’t harm them in any way, but it does limit their capacity to take off.

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Point-of-Lays with California White Pullets

If you’re looking for a pullet or a point-of-lay to collect fresh eggs as soon as possible, the California White is a fantastic choice.

They usually begin laying eggs at the age of 17 weeks. They are also prolific layers. Most days, you can expect to find up to 300 eggs in their nesting box.

This is intriguing because they often lay more eggs each year than a White Leghorn, one of the most common laying varieties.

History of California White Chickens

The California White chicken was developed in the United States for commercial egg production.

Whether you have acres or a little yard, chicken keepers are always searching for an ideal egg-laying type. Sure, temperament comes into play. Some folks might make decisions based on egg color, but for my money, when it pertains to choosing an egg-laying breed, California White Chickens is the one that I keep returning to.

how long does a chicken egg to hatch

California white chickens are a crossed-breed. What this implies is that this chicken has a parent that is a White Leghorn (a hen), and the other is a California Gray (rooster).

Its plumes are white (with a few black marks/dots), the bird sports a big single comb, and hens generally weigh in around 5 pounds or a little less.

However, despite their size, they quite winter season hardy and do just as well in our Colorado winters as our Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, and Australorps.

California White Chickens are an excellent option for the city or yard chicken keeper. They tolerate restricted spaces well (great for smaller city coops), are more docile than Leghorns, typically start laying around 17 weeks of age, and are devices when it concerns the volume of eggs. (So if your city ordinance permits a couple of hens and you want enough eggs to feed your family, the California White Chickens are a much better option compared to breeds that might lay three eggs per week).

Free range chicken farming
Free Range Farming

The Whites pretty dependably produce 5– 6 white eggs per week. Envision if you had 4 of these chickens? You might get up to 2 dozen eggs per week, which you could utilize to feed your household and maybe have enough to sell/trade with good friends, family, or next-door neighbors.

If you choose to let your California White Chickens free-range in your backyard, be cautioned that they can fly higher than the typical chicken. I discovered among my girls sitting on the six inches tall residential or commercial property fence. (To get her to come down by herself, I just rounded up the rest of the flock and ushered them into the chicken run, and gave them some scratch grains and mealworms.

chicken layer mash
Organic Chicken Layer Mash

The California Chickens White hopped down and ran over to get in on the reward action). To prevent this circumstance from playing out once again, I clipped some of her primary flight feathers (the longest feathers nearest the pointer of the wing) on one wing, preventing any blood feathers.

NOTE: this does not damage the chicken. Shortly after this feather adjustment, she tried to fly. However, her flight curved into a direction she did not intend. After that, she remained on the ground in our yard.

Consider the California White Chickens when you are in the marketplace for a respected egg layer in a metropolitan or backyard setting. Provided their character, strength, ability to endure confinement, and volume of eggs, you will not be dissatisfied. This breed is an excellent option.

California white Chicken Egg Color, Size and Production

They lay white eggs that range in size from large to gigantic.

I’m not sure about you, but I find white eggs to be the most appetizing-looking of all the colors. I usually associate them with the purity of duck eggs because of their appearance.

The fact that they lay so frequently – 5 or 6 times per week – ensures that you will be well-liked by your friends, family, and neighbors if you plan to be generous with your supply.

Are California White Chickens Good Backyard Breed?

The answer is yes, they are one of the most suitable breeds for keeping as a backyard chicken. That is, assuming you desire a plentiful supply of delectable eggs.

In terms of what individuals are looking for when selecting the best breed for their backyard environment, they check the majority of the boxes:

  • The amount of large eggs produced is often the most important consideration when selecting a breed.
  • Low maintenance – most backyard chickens are low maintenance; all you have to do is feed them, water them, and provide them with a comfortable living environment.
  • It is possible for them to live in both warm and cold areas because they are weather adaptable. It’s still a good idea to double-check with the hatchery or breeder from whom you’re purchasing your chickens to see what temps they recommend.
  • Perfect for small spaces — Despite the fact that they are a breed that does not require a lot of room, you must nevertheless give enough spacing and living circumstances for your birds.
  • In addition to being one of the quietest breeds (we’re talking about hens here, not roosters), they are also neighbor-friendly if you’re raising chickens in an urban setting.

Are California White Chickens Friendly?

California white chickens are a very friendly breed. They are gentle, curious, intelligent, and affectionate. These chickens have a very calm and laid-back personalities.

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They are usually very easy to handle and are not prone to getting aggressive towards other chickens or people. These chickens are very good at getting along with other chickens and people.

Unless their owners provide them with enough space and time to exercise, these chickens can be somewhat lazy. When it comes to temperament, the California White Chicken is one of the friendliest breeds in terms of aggression.

White chickens tend to get along very well with other hens and roosters and even with other White chickens. They are very good at interacting and playing with each other. Their gentle personalities often make them seem aloof and a bit shy, but they are actually quite friendly.

These chickens are also great at entertaining children. When kept together, they are very playful and will be constantly hopping around on the floor or scratching at the ground.

Additionally, they are excellent mothers. This makes them a wonderful choice for the backyard farmer who wants to keep their flock happy and well-behaved.

The California White chicken is known as a dual-purpose breed because they are able to be productive in both meat and egg production. The laying pattern is cyclical, and the hens will lay for about two weeks, then stop laying for two weeks, and then begin again.

The laying cycle usually begins around 16 months old and continues through 26 months. These chickens are also very hardy, being able to live in very extreme climates.

As long as the weather remains moderate, these chickens can live and thrive outdoors. The California White is known for its high egg production. The average hens will produce about 300 eggs per year.

Additionally, they tend to lay one or two large eggs per day for approximately five days per week. The rest of the time, they will only lay small eggs. However, due to their high egg output, it is recommended that you feed them at least four meals per day.

The California White Roosters

california white chickens rooster

I once went looking for a rooster, and they were shockingly difficult to come by. That may no longer be the case if you look now, but I recall it being nearly impossible to find one.

This is most likely due to the fact that hens are in such high demand for their eggs that no one wants a rooster. As a result, they end up as food.

There’s a chance you’ll get one if you buy some straight run or unsexed females.

They have a similar appearance to hens. The biggest distinctions between the roosters I’ve seen are that they aren’t as white, have stronger neck feathers, shorter tail feathers, and, of course, have that more upright rooster posture.

If you introduce a rooster to your flock, he will fertilize eggs. Because the California White isn’t one of the most broody breeds, you’ll have to be patient or incubate the eggs yourself.

Don’t forget to check your zoning to see if roosters are permitted. Because of the noise, roosters are not permitted in many regions, particularly in suburban areas.

Are California White Chickens Good Egg Layers?

California white chickens are among the best egg layers in the world. The best egg layers are generally selected for their docile behavior and calm temperament. These chickens have a tendency to be very friendly and curious, which makes them very easy to work with and handle.

California white chickens are great egg layers because they lay eggs very consistently throughout their lifetime. They can lay eggs every day of the year and can lay up to a dozen eggs per week.

Interesting Facts About California White Chickens

Here are a few more fascinating facts about this wonderful backyard chicken breed:

  • They are calmer than typical hens, which is one of the reasons they are one of the greatest breeds for city living.
  • They have the ability to fly slightly higher than the normal chicken. Some owners are taken aback when they discover their pets in a neighbor’s yard or on the top of the coop.
  • A rooster weighs 6 pounds on average, whereas a hen weighs 5.5 lbs.
  • They are vulnerable to egg binding, as are many poultry employed for egg production. You can reduce this by providing them with good living circumstances and sufficient of calcium in their diet.
  • They aren’t known for being broody hens, so you won’t find them sitting on a clutch of eggs very often.
  • Because it is a hybrid, it is not a breed recognized by the APA (American Poultry Association). As a result, they have no conservation status.

In Conclusion

If you’re searching for a low-maintenance backyard chicken that lays a lot of eggs, you should get some California White hens.

They are incredibly gregarious and entertaining birds. Every week, all year, you’ll discover roughly 5 big white eggs in their nesting boxes. I recommend them since they are rather quiet, serene, and sociable birds.

Consider that if you only have four of these hens in your flock, you will be bringing in roughly 20 eggs every week. That should satisfy you and your family, as well as your extended relatives and friends!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do California White chickens compare to other egg-laying breeds?

California White chickens are known for their high egg-laying capacity, with each hen capable of laying up to 300 large white eggs per year. This makes them a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable source of fresh eggs.

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However, other breeds like Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks also have high egg-laying capacities and may be better suited for certain climates or environments.

Can California White chickens be raised for meat as well as eggs?

Yes, California White chickens are a dual-purpose breed and can be raised for meat as well as eggs. They have a good meat-to-bone ratio and are known for their flavorful meat.

Are California White chickens noisy?

No, California White chickens are not particularly noisy. They are known for their docile and friendly temperament and are not prone to excessive vocalization.

How do I know if my California White chickens are healthy?

Healthy California White chickens should have bright eyes, clean feathers, and a good appetite. They should also be active and alert. If you notice any signs of illness, such as lethargy, loss of appetite, or unusual behavior, it is important to seek veterinary care.

Can California White chickens be raised in urban environments?

Yes, California White chickens can be raised in urban environments, but it is important to check with local regulations and ordinances before starting a backyard flock. Some cities have restrictions on the number of chickens that can be kept or require permits for backyard poultry farming.

How much space do California White chickens need?

California White chickens need about 4 square feet of coop space per bird and at least 10 square feet of outdoor space per bird. It is important to provide them with enough space to move around freely and engage in natural behaviors like dust bathing and foraging.

What do California White chickens eat?

California White chickens, like all chickens, require a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, and essential nutrients. A commercial layer feed that contains at least 16% protein is a good choice for egg-laying hens. In addition to feed, they can also be given treats like fruits, vegetables, and mealworms.

How long do California White chickens live?

California White chickens can live up to 8 years or more with proper care. However, their egg-laying capacity typically declines after about 2-3 years, so many backyard flock owners choose to replace their hens every few years.

How do I keep my California White chickens safe from predators?

Predators like raccoons, foxes, and hawks can pose a threat to backyard chickens. It is important to provide a secure coop and run area that is fully enclosed with wire mesh to prevent entry. Additionally, keeping chickens locked up in their coop at night can help to protect them from nocturnal predators.

Do California White chickens require special care in the winter?

California White chickens can tolerate cold temperatures, but they do require some extra care in the winter months. Providing them with a draft-free coop and plenty of bedding can help to keep them warm. It is also important to ensure that their water does not freeze and to monitor their combs and wattles for signs of frostbite.

How do I introduce new chickens to my existing flock of California Whites?

Introducing new chickens to an existing flock can be a delicate process. It is important to keep the new birds separate from the existing flock for a period of time to prevent fighting and establish a pecking order. Gradual introductions and supervision during the process can help to ensure a smooth transition.

How many roosters should I keep with my California White hens?

Roosters can be a valuable addition to a backyard flock, as they provide protection and can fertilize eggs for breeding purposes. However, it is generally recommended to keep only one rooster per flock, as multiple roosters can lead to aggression and fighting.

How do I care for the eggs laid by my California White chickens?

Eggs laid by California White chickens should be collected daily and stored in a cool, dry place. They should be cleaned only if necessary, using a dry cloth or sandpaper to remove any debris. It is important to use eggs within a reasonable timeframe and to discard any that are cracked or have a strange odor.

How do I know when my California White chickens are ready to start laying eggs?

California White chickens typically start laying eggs around 5-6 months of age, but this can vary depending on factors like nutrition and daylight hours. Signs that a hen is getting ready to lay eggs include squatting, vocalizations, and spending more time in the nesting box.

Are California White chickens a good choice for beginner chicken keepers?

Yes, California White chickens can be a good choice for beginner chicken keepers. They are easy to care for, docile and friendly, and have a high egg-laying capacity. However, it is important to do research and prepare properly before starting a backyard flock, regardless of the breed.


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