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Facts About California White Chickens (And Why it’s One of the Best for Egg Production) Updated Dec. 2021

The California White Chickens may be among the most successful and efficient hybrid egg-laying breeds of chickens in history. They are the outcome of crossing a White Leghorn hen with a California Grey rooster.

The California White Chicken is one of the most successful breeds of chickens in the world. They have been developed over the years to be an egg layer that can lay up to 250 eggs a year.

They are one of the top five most successful egg-laying breeds in the world and they are known for their ability to produce large amounts of eggs without stress.

In this article, we will talk about how they came to be, what makes them so special, and why you should consider breeding them.

california chickens

California Whites Chickens are appealing chickens with the lightweight and upright style typical of the Mediterranean types. They are mainly white with a single comb.

Versatile, California White Chickens do well free-ranging and likewise do great in local conditions.

Facts About California White Chickens (And Why it's One of the Best for Egg Production) Updated Dec. 2021

Production of California White Chickens

California White Chickens lay a prolific number of large white eggs. Three hundred or more eggs annually can be anticipated. These are likewise incredibly hardy chickens, with a long lifespan, and they lay for a more extended period than White Leghorns.

They are quick growers too and start laying at an early age. California Whites do well in cold environments and continue to lay well even in fall when other types slow down or decrease egg production.

California White Chickens are a great breed to add to your flock if you live in a climate where you need to keep your chickens warm during winter. You will see that they have a very nice, white plumage and a bright red comb.

california white pullet
California White Pullet

The Character of California White Chickens

These active birds are energetic and perfect egg layers. However, they can be a bit flighty and aloof with human interactions.

These chickens are excellent layers and are considered one of the best egg-laying breeds. However, they can be quite independent and flighty. The good thing about this breed is that it is very easy to keep and will lay eggs regularly.

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They also make great meat birds because they grow fast. They are not very friendly to people though, so if you want to keep them, you should keep them in a pen. They will get along well with other chickens and will help to provide an environment for a group of chickens.

History of California White Chickens

The California White chicken was developed in the United States for commercial egg production.

Whether you have acres or a little yard, chicken keepers are always searching for an ideal egg-laying type. Sure, temperament comes into play. Some folks might make decisions based on egg color, but for my money, when it pertains to choosing an egg-laying breed, California White Chickens is the one that I keep returning to.

how long does a chicken egg to hatch

California white chickens are a crossed-breed. What this implies is that this chicken has a parent that is a White Leghorn (a hen), and the other is a California Gray (rooster). Its plumes are white (with a few black marks/dots), the bird sports a big single comb, and hens generally weigh in around 5 pounds or a little less. However, despite their size, they quite winter season hardy and do just as well in our Colorado winters as our Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, and Australorps.

California White Chickens are an excellent option for the city or yard chicken keeper. They tolerate restricted spaces well (great for smaller city coops), are more docile than Leghorns, typically start laying around 17 weeks of age, and are devices when it concerns the volume of eggs. (So if your city ordinance permits a couple of hens and you want enough eggs to feed your family, the California White Chickens are a much better option compared to breeds that might lay three eggs per week).

Free range chicken farming
Free Range Farming

The Whites pretty dependably produce 5– 6 white eggs per week. Envision if you had 4 of these chickens? You might get up to 2 dozen eggs per week, which you could utilize to feed your household and maybe have enough to sell/trade with good friends, family, or next-door neighbors.

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If you choose to let your California White Chickens free-range in your backyard, be cautioned that they can fly higher than the typical chicken. I discovered among my girls sitting on the six inches tall residential or commercial property fence. (To get her to come down by herself, I just rounded up the rest of the flock and ushered them into the chicken run, and gave them some scratch grains and mealworms.

chicken layer mash
Organic Chicken Layer Mash

The California Chickens White hopped down and ran over to get in on the reward action). To prevent this circumstance from playing out once again, I clipped some of her primary flight feathers (the longest feathers nearest the pointer of the wing) on one wing, preventing any blood feathers.

NOTE: this does not damage the chicken. Shortly after this feather adjustment, she tried to fly. However, her flight curved into a direction she did not intend. After that, she remained on the ground in our yard.

Consider the California Chickens White when you are in the marketplace for a respected egg layer in a metropolitan or backyard setting. Provided their character, strength, ability to endure confinement, and volume of eggs, you will not be dissatisfied. This breed is an excellent option.

Are California White Chickens Friendly?

California white chickens are a very friendly breed. They are gentle, curious, intelligent, and affectionate. These chickens have a very calm and laid-back personalities.

They are usually very easy to handle and are not prone to getting aggressive towards other chickens or people. These chickens are very good at getting along with other chickens and people.

Unless their owners provide them with enough space and time to exercise, these chickens can be somewhat lazy. When it comes to temperament, the California White Chicken is one of the friendliest breeds in terms of aggression.

White chickens tend to get along very well with other hens and roosters and even with other White chickens. They are very good at interacting and playing with each other. Their gentle personalities often make them seem aloof and a bit shy, but they are actually quite friendly.

These chickens are also great at entertaining children. When kept together, they are very playful and will be constantly hopping around on the floor or scratching at the ground.

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Additionally, they are excellent mothers. This makes them a wonderful choice for the backyard farmer who wants to keep their flock happy and well-behaved.

The California White chicken is known as a dual-purpose breed because they are able to be productive in both meat and egg production. The laying pattern is cyclical, and the hens will lay for about two weeks, then stop laying for two weeks, and then begin again.

The laying cycle usually begins around 16 months old and continues through 26 months. These chickens are also very hardy, being able to live in very extreme climates.

As long as the weather remains moderate, these chickens can live and thrive outdoors. The California White is known for its high egg production. The average hens will produce about 200 eggs per year.

Additionally, they tend to lay one or two large eggs per day for approximately five days per week. The rest of the time, they will only lay small eggs. However, due to their high egg output, it is recommended that you feed them at least four meals per day.

Are California White Chickens Good Egg Layers?

California white chickens are among the best egg layers in the world. The best egg layers are generally selected for their docile behavior and calm temperament. These chickens have a tendency to be very friendly and curious, which makes them very easy to work with and handle.

California white chickens are great egg layers because they lay eggs very consistently throughout their lifetime. They can lay eggs every day of the year and can lay up to a dozen eggs per week.


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