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10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Do you know that one of the types of black chickens cost about $5,000? Please read further in this article, and we will explain more to you.

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Do you want to broaden your flock of backyard chickens?

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Even though aesthetics aren’t typically a deciding factor when purchasing new chickens, many people do so based on other criteria, such as the birds’ ability to lay numerous eggs or produce tasty meat. When buying chickens, you might want to look beyond just their color.

While white, red, and even grey chickens may predominate in most backyard flocks, there is another color you need to consider when expanding.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Some of the most stylish chickens to raise, black chickens make a bold fashion statement amongst the flock.

Listed below are ten distinct varieties of black chickens to consider if you’re in the market for a new showpiece for your coop.

10 Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

1. Ayam Cemani Black Chickens

ayam cemani black chickens

Function: Dual-purpose (meat and eggs).

Typical Weight: 4-6 pounds.

Egg Production: 80 annually.

The Ayam Cemani is often referred to as the “Lamborghini” of chickens. For their rare and beautiful all-black chicken appearance (down to the bones and blood), a pair of Ayam Cemani chickens can fetch as much as $5000, if you can even find them.

With only about 3,500 total, most of them are located in either Europe or their native Indonesia. Placement on the waiting list for one of these rare creatures costs $100.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

However, in return, you will receive chickens that are not only beautiful to look at, but are also extremely gentle dual-purpose birds and a welcome addition to any chicken collection.

Originally from Malaysia, the Ayam Cemani is a rare and exotic chicken that made its way to Indonesia. The chicken’s black heart will be obvious if you raise one for the table.

This melanistic chicken, one of only a handful in the world, is highly prized in Indonesia, where it is held in high esteem due to the widespread belief that it possesses supernatural abilities that allow it to communicate with the dead.

black chickens

As a result, it is naturally regarded as a best wishes appeal. Sumatra, Java, and Madura Island in Indonesia are popular breeding grounds. This bird is used in many cultures before major events.

Everything about this chicken is black, including its skin, plumes, and internal organs. This bird, which was introduced to Europe in 1998, is gaining popularity in the United States, owing to its distinct appearance.

As the bird’s popularity grows, many breeders will try to pass off hybrid chickens as pure-blooded Ayam Cemani—do your research before purchasing!

Because of this, this type of chicken can be expensive to obtain. A breeding set may cost up to $5,000.

ayam cemani hens black chickens

The Ayam Cemani can be raised for meat or eggs; it is a good choice for both. As a result, Ayam Cemani hens only lay around 80 eggs per year.

2. Orpington Black Chickens

orpington black chickens
Orpington Black Chickens

Function: Dual-purpose.

Typical Weight: 10 pounds.

Egg Production:150 -300 each year.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

The Orpington black chickens are among the most popular types of chicken for yard flocks. This bird came from England in the 19th century and is a mainly black type with a thick, soft, and fluffy layer of plumes that adjust quickly to winter.

The original Orpingtons were white; however, now they can be seen in black and buff colors. They are fascinating in that they are one of the most friendly types of chickens.

The most common type of chicken you will see is the Orpington, which is the most popular chicken for backyard flocks. The Orpington has a heavy-set body with large bones and long legs. The plumes are very thick and are usually found on the neck, back, and tail.

This is a fairly friendly chicken, although it does have a tendency to crow. It is also known for its excellent meat. The Orpington is available in black, buff, and silver.

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orpington black chickens

While Orpingtons does not have an all-black body (the skin of this bird is white), it has beautiful black plumage that makes it a standout in the barnyard.

Likewise, they are great foragers, suggesting you can feed these chickens less than other types of chickens. They will do an excellent task at finding their food.

Orpingtons are a wonderful breed to use as backyard chickens because they are easy to care for, and they have good laying habits. In addition, they are more docile than some other breeds.

They will not be aggressive or territorial, which makes them a good choice for families with children or pets.

3. Australorp Black Chickens

australorp black chickens

Function: Dual-purpose.

Typical Weight:

Egg Production: 250 each year.

Australorps come in lots of colors. However, the black shade is one of the most popular. Black Australorps are exceptionally sweet and docile. However, they can likewise be rather shy.

If you’re seeking to raise a black chicken as a pet, you can’t fail with the Black Australorp. Not just are these chickens beautiful to take a look at, they are remarkably faithful. You can teach a Black Australorp to eat in your hand.

Black Australorps are one of the most sought-after breeds of chickens. They are excellent pets, and you can also enjoy watching them perform their amazing feats.

If you are interested in raising Black Australorps as pets, you’ll find that they are incredibly docile, friendly, and affectionate.

Besides, Australorps are excellent layers, producing sufficient quantities of extra-large brown eggs every week. An Australorp that holds the record for the variety of eggs laid in a year! They likewise can be raised for meat, producing top-quality broilers.

4. Minorca Black Chickens

minorca black chickens

Function: Ornamental/egg production.

Typical Weight:

Egg Production: 120-200 annually.

minorca black chickens rooster

Minorca chickens are native to Spain and are typically raised as decorative or reveal types. Understood synonymously as Red-Faced Black Chicken, these beautiful birds have pale red faces.

There are other kinds of Minorca chickens; however, the most popular is the Black Minorca. A red-faced chicken with shiny black plumage, this chicken is the biggest of the Mediterranean type. It is likewise amicable.

The Black Minorca is a breed of chicken that was first developed in the 18th century in Minorca, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean.

The Black Minorca is known for its rich brown color and distinctive plumage. They are not only beautiful, but they are also very friendly and easy to care for.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

They are excellent egg producers, laying adequate quantities of big and extra-large white eggs. You can anticipate getting about 120 large white eggs per year. Since this bird hardly ever goes broody, you will not usually see declines in egg production at specific times of the year.

These chickens begin laying at around 26 weeks of age. Although 120 eggs are required for this type, some breed strains produce more, laying up to 230 annually. These stylish, energetic chickens are an excellent option if you are trying to find an ornamental bird along with a good layer.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

5. Silkies Black Chickens

black silkies chicken

Black silkie chicken.

Function: Ornamental

Typical Weight: 4 pounds

Egg Production: 100 annually

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Silkies are charming chickens that are a few of the most popular decorative and ornamental birds. While regular-sized Silkies are offered for purchase somewhere else on the planet, in the United States, you can buy the bantam range of this type.

Silkies are covered in fluffy black plumage. While there are numerous colors of Silkies offered, the black color is one of the most popular. They likewise have black skin and black bones.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Silkies are little and fluffy, serving as an outstanding animal for numerous chicken keepers. They have been reproduced for this characteristic specifically, with Silkies typically utilized to “promote” eggs because they have such a propensity to end up being broody.

If you prepare to raise a Silkie chicken, you will require to make sure you offer it with special living conditions. Since these chickens are feathered, with even their feet covered in plumes, they can quickly establish issues when their feet get wet.

They are friendly and make an outstanding option of being a lovely pet.

The Silkie is a beautiful breed of chicken that is known for its tiny size and soft, fuzzy plumage. These chickens have become popular because they are exceptionally friendly and easy to care for.

They are a great choice for the beginning chicken owner who wants a pet that is small, cute, and easy to care for.

6. Sumatra Black Chickens

Function: Ornamental.

Typical Weight: 4 pounds.

Egg Production: 100 each year.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

These chickens come in many various colors. However the most popular is black. The black variation of the Sumatra chicken has shiny black plumage that covers its whole body.

The wattles, comb, and face of this chicken are a deep red color. An uncommon chicken breed, these chickens were once reproduced as fighting cocks.

Sumatra chickens are a unique breed that originated in the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. These chickens have long, streaming tails and are extremely fast flyers. They are predator-resistant, which makes them popular as pets.

It is said that they have an excellent temperament and are intelligent chickens that are great for showing and decorative purposes. These chickens are known for making a loud clucking sound.

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In some countries, these chickens are used for decorative purposes. Some people use them for breeding, while others keep them as pets.

If you want to buy a Sumatra chicken, you need to have a high fence around your garden or yard so that you can keep them inside and away from predators such as cats and dogs.

Sumatra black chickens have long, streaming tails and have outstanding flying abilities making them predator-resistant chickens. This characteristic needs you to have a high fence to keep them restricted.

Sumatra black chickens make outstanding decorative and show birds. They are bad layers, producing only one medium-white egg per week.

Sumatras are the best for showing and decorative purposes but are not very good at laying eggs. The reason for this is that their reproductive system is not set up to lay eggs.


7. Langshan Black Chickens


Function: Dual-purpose.

Typical Weight:

Egg Production:

Langshan chickens, especially Black Langshans, are threatened chickens that can be rather challenging to obtain. These chickens are calm and stylish, making them an excellent option for a blended flock.

Initially from China, the Langshan type is named after a district along the Yangtze Kiang River. It is hard to buy Langshan chickens, as many poultry suppliers do not offer these chickens. You can find them at hatcheries that focus on heritage rare types of chickens.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Langshan chickens can be presented to practically any flock since they are big and reasonably adaptable. They have intense, smart eyes and are independent and also friendly.

Langshan birds are dual-purpose, suggesting you can raise them for meat or eggs. They produce a satisfying quantity of decent-tasting meat along with a lot of medium-sized brown eggs every week. These eggs remain in a shade of dark brown that is among the darkest you will find.

If you want a great chicken breed, you can’t go wrong with the Langshan. This is a good breed for beginners because it is easy to care for. It is one of the best all-purpose birds you can get.

I would suggest that you get this chicken breed. It’s a very good breed to have in your backyard. They are smart, independent, and can be kept inside or out. They can be used for meat or eggs.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

8. Jersey Giant Black Chickens

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Function: Meat production.

Typical Weight: 11-15 pounds.

Egg Production: 150-200 each year.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Jersey Giants stemmed in the United States as a meat bird and an option to turkeys. They are the biggest pure-blooded chicken type you will find.

These mild, relaxed types are among the largest types of chicken, suggesting you will require to supply them with a somewhat bigger run and cage. Otherwise, they are simple to keep, making great pets and egg makers.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Jersey Giants lay around 150 extra-large brown eggs each year. These chickens do not mind cold weather condition, utilizing their adequate body fat to remain warm, however, do not do well in the heat.

While these birds are big, weighing approximately fifteen pounds, bear in mind that your hens will not weigh as much as the roosters. That being stated, their even personality and capability to stand up to cold temperature levels make them an excellent option for your backyard flock.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

9. Swedish Black Chickens

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Function: Egg production.

Typical Weight: 5-7 pounds.

Egg Production: 150 annually.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

As you may think, Swedish Black chickens are all-black birds comparable to the Ayam Cemani in their pigmentation. These chickens are all-black, having the same hereditary anomaly as the Ayam Cemani. Their bones, plumes, and skin are also black.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Regardless of this, Swedish Black chickens are outstanding egg layers, having a more docile personality than the Ayam Cemani. They are likewise a fair bit more friendly, adjusting to domestic chicken’s function with more grace than their Indonesian equivalents.

Swedish Black chickens are calm and will produce about 150 cream-colored eggs each year.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

10. La Fleche Black Chickens

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Function: Dual-function.

Typical Weight: 6.5 pounds.

Egg Production: 200.

However, this rare chicken type is an uncommon option for the poultry lawn, one that you will not be sorry for making. La Fleche is called after ht won in which came from La Fleche in Paris, France. This type originated in the 15th century and has a strange look that has led it to be called the Devil’s bird.

This chicken is all black; however, it also has a comb that looks like two horns. It is a slow-growing chicken type, taking about ten months for this chicken to reach complete maturation.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

These birds are dual-purpose, raised for both meat and eggs. Kept as a decorative bird, this chicken does well in confinement.

Why are Some Species of Chickens Completely Black?

There are numerous factors regarding why you may find a black chicken—most of the hereditary coloring of a breed.

While many black chickens are just black on the outside, with glamorous black plumage that provides a beautiful outside look, other chickens are completely black, from their feet to their faces– and even their intestines.

Fibromelanosis is an anomaly in domestic chickens that reveals itself as an unusual build-up of melanin in a chicken’s tissues. 

This can be shown in every organ and tissue of the chicken, from the tongue to the eyes and even the heart, however many chickens will have just some black coloring.

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10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

There are likewise some black chickens that are naturally melanistic.

This implies that due to hereditary variations, they have more pigment production in their skin or plumes.

You may see this in one of your flock or a group reproduced from the very same parents.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Benefits of Raising Black Chickens.

If you are thinking about raising black chickens, think about the following benefits. You’ll be won over in no time!

  • Black chickens are stunning. 

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

They use a unique plumage that will attract you to them instantly. They likewise truly stick out in a barnyard flock and include a component of interest.

  • You can show them. 

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Suppose you are interested in raising chickens to be shown at poultry shows or other occasions. In that case, black chickens are the way to go. They are exceptional, and most black chicken types are likewise acknowledged as decorative types.

  • The meat might be much better for you. 

Some– not all– types of black chickens, like the Silkie, have meat that is likewise black. This meat is thought to be much better for you, including more significant levels of a specific antioxidant called carnosine.

  • They use all the other benefits of raising chickens. 

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Black chickens are not unlike all other types of chicken. They can be raised for meat, eggs, or show personalities– all of it depends on the particular breed. If you want an all-black chicken variety, you can find a breed that will satisfy your specific requirements for the character, production, and whatever else.

Disadvantages of Raising Black Chickens.

While there are many unique benefits to raising black chickens, you will also need to be familiar with some obstacles and prospective disadvantages.

While many are not a factor to not raise these birds, you ought to think about these details before including a black chicken in your flock.

  • Black Chickens are Difficult to Find

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Numerous all-black chicken types, like Ayam Cemanis, are exceptionally tough to acquire from regional hatcheries. Some locations have constraints on buying these types, as they are exotic and subjected to particular laws.

  • Black Chickens are Difficult to Raise

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Because their color fails to reflect sunlight, black chickens frequently hold heat more than their white counterparts. That being stated, there are many black chickens you can raise, like Minorcas, that are well-adapted to warm weather conditions.

  • You are choosing them only for color.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

If you are raising a chicken as a family pet, you should never select one based on only how it looks. Consider its personality and care requirements before you invest in a black chicken. It would be terrible to buy a chicken for its appearances and then have to get rid of it because it is aggressive or otherwise ill-suited for your flock or way of life.

Where Can I Buy a Black Chicken Breed?

You can find black chickens anywhere you would buy other colors of chickens.

They are generally offered on hatchery websites and also private sellers.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Rare or unique breeds will be tougher to find, implying they will likewise likely be more expensive.

Typical types of black chickens, such as Orpingtons or Australorps, usually are no more costly than other colors or breeds of chickens.

It would help if you had no difficulty finding or funding your purchase of these lovely birds.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

Are Black Chickens Right for Me?

If you wish to include a new visual attraction to your backyard flock of chickens, consider including a black chicken breed.

These animals are beautiful, using an advanced feel to any group of birds.

While they can be undoubtedly hard to find, they are more challenging to take care of than any other chicken breed.

10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise

There are many other black chickens to be aware of, but these are some of the most common.

Try to add one of these ten incredible breeds of black chickens to your flock today, and let us know in your comments.


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2 thoughts on “10 Excellent Breeds of Black Chickens To Raise”

  1. Veronika Kusumaryati, an anthropologist at Harvard University, states the breed was typically connected with local royalty and elites. Utilized in spiritual rituals as early as the 12th century, the Cemani performed as a messenger between human and supernatural worlds. As Kusumaryati discusses to Nautilus, Javanese tradition keeps that” the world is inhabited by spirits, great and evil, whose power can be activated to assist individuals in getting power, wealth and reputation. For these purposes, one needs to provide Cemani chicken, as the spirits and ghosts like Cemani chicken’s meat and blood.”

  2. The Ayam Cemani black chicken might be the most intensely pigmented animal in the world. Not just are the bird’s plumes, beak, comb, tongue, and toes a striking, blue-ish black, however so are its bones.

    Even the chicken’s meat appears as it has been marinated in squid ink.

    Remarkably, the Ayam cemani, discovered in Indonesia, is simply the most extreme example of what researchers call dermal hyperpigmentation. Another type referred to as the silkie because of its soft, hair-like plumes, likewise sports hyperpigmented skin and tissues, as do the black H’Mong chickens of Vietnam and the svarthöna Sweden.

    Researchers call the condition fibromelanosis.

    “We have proof that it is a complicated rearrangement in the genome,” states Leif Andersson, a geneticist at Uppsala University in Sweden who studies the genes of domestic animals.

    What’s more, Andersson states all of these chickens can trace their anomaly back to a single bird that might have lived hundreds and even countless years earlier.

    “The underlying anomaly fibromelanosis is strange, so we make sure that it took place when,” states Andersson.

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