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15 Astounding Friendliest Chicken Breeds to Raise as Pets

15 Friendliest Chicken Breeds to Keep as Pets

White Cochin Chicken
White Cochin Chicken

If you’ve been considering increasing backyard chickens for some time now, ideally, your only qualms are about exactly how to construct a chicken cage or exactly what you should feed your birds.

These problems are very easy to settle, as well as you’ll locate lots of information online concerning how to do both.

Ask any person how to manage a hostile or suggest poultry; however, you’ll likely be consulted with silence or, in the really best-case situation, a lot of inconsistent information.

cochin rooster
Cochin Rooster

However, you do not need to postpone increasing poultries since you aren’t certain what they will certainly be like to interact with– neither do you need to run screaming far from your mean fowl whenever you go into the poultry run.

There are lots of friendliest chicken breeds around for you to take into consideration as you build an accommodating, fun-loving flock of backyard poultries.

What Makes a Poultry Breed An Excellent Family Pet?

Not all chicken breeds are made the same, so while it is very important that you consider your breed’s egg and/or meat output, it is necessary that you also consider its personality.

For example, think about how your chicken breed of choice will certainly interact with other participants of the flock– as well as hens of other breeds.

Poultries all satisfy something called the pecking order, which is just a pecking order of power into which each chicken falls.

Preferably, a friendly family of pet poultry will certainly not just be docile around various other chickens yet will have the courage to defend itself if it is being bullied.

cochin rooster

This can stop it from ending up being injured by various other extra hostile participants of the group.

Private hen breeds are likewise understood for their special individualities. While some breeds are sweet and also mild, others are loud as well as wayward.

Sound does not constantly necessarily associate with personality, yet usually, the quietest chicken breeds are several of the most pleasant.

Broodiness and mothering capability also come into play when trying to find one of the friendliest chicken breeds.

Chickens who tend to go broody can often be a lot more aggressive, as they will certainly come to be much more unsociable as they try to hatch their very own eggs.

nutrition for chickens
Chickens on traditional free range poultry farm

That being said, some of the broodiest poultry types are also the very best moms, so this may be a compromise you wish to make.

Ultimately, if you plan on increasing a pleasant chicken breed as a pet dog, you will intend to take into consideration exactly how very easy it is to train.

Although intelligence can often associate with hostility and flightiness, that doesn’t have to be the case.

A few of the smartest chicken breeds are additionally rather friendly, meaning you can conveniently educate a hen to be a lap hen of your own!

The 15 Friendliest Chicken Breeds

Now that you recognize what to look for in friendly chicken breeds, here are several of the most popular friendliest chicken breeds.

And do not fail to remember that even if a chicken has a wonderful individuality, it does not suggest you require sacrifice on your “wishlist” in various other areas.

There are a lot of friendliest chicken breeds that are also great egg layers and meat producers.

1. Plymouth Rock
plymouth rock chicken

Plymouth Rocks are one of the most preferred dual-purpose chicken breeds around.

A heritage type, the Plymouth Rock chicken, can be found in several variants, consisting of barred, buff, silver laced, white, black, blue, as well as black frizzle.

Despite which color you choose, these poultries are outstanding layers, generating about 280 eggs (usually in a pink-brown shade) yearly.

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These birds are calm as well as appreciate being permitted to free-range. They are likewise fairly durable to the aspects.

Plymouth Rocks are easy to find, which is wonderful news– they are among the friendliest chicken breeds you’ll find and also one you’ll definitely intend to consider including in your backyard flock.

2. Buff Orpington Friendliest Chicken Breeds

buff orpington chicken
There are a ton of ranges of Orpington hens, yet the Buff Orpington hen tends to be one of the most convenient to come by.

A dual-purpose breed, the Orpington breed can be found in other colors, too, consisting of lavender, blue, black, enthusiast, and also white.

Regardless of the variation, these hens generate about 200 pale brown eggs yearly.

Not only are these fluffy birds fantastic egg producers, yet they are likewise exceptional pets.

Orpingtons have pleasant dispositions that make them excellent choices for people seeking low-maintenance flocks.

3. Australorp
friendliest chicken breeds

Australorp chickens are excellent dual-purpose types.

They can be increased for both eggs and meat. Native to Australia, they succeed in almost any type of kind of climate.

They are exceptional layers that produce about 250 brownish eggs yearly.

Available in black, blue, or white, these poultries are great foragers, too.

You can’t fail with the preferred Australorp, particularly when you consider it among the most friendly and accommodating chicken types around.

4. Cochin
cochin chickens

The Cochin hen is not just one of the biggest poultry breeds. However, it’s additionally among the friendliest hen breeds you can upgrade, too.

This fluffy, mellow bird is additionally quite snuggly. It takes pleasure in lap time and is very manageable to tame and handle. Silent poultry, Cochin is additionally a decent layer, generating about 3 eggs each week.

Cochin hens are additionally treasured for their mothering capacities. Hens typically go broody and do a good work of taking care of their young.

That being said, these hens aren’t the most effective for increasing in warm climates, as they have lots of fluff that can trigger them to get too hot throughout the awful parts of summertime.

5. Brahma
dark brahma chickens

The Brahma hen is not just one of the most substantial chicken breeds around, but it’s also a fantastic poultry for people seeking a friendly, cold-hardy breed.

This type thrives in cool, wet settings, although it has greatly feathery feet.

Brahma chickens create 150 eggs each year. So while they aren’t terrific for egg manufacturing, these chickens are exceptional when raised for meat.

Brahma poultries likewise make prominent animals, particularly if you stay in a northern environment.

6. Polish Chicken
friendliest chicken breeds- polish chicken

Polish poultries are gaining appeal as yard poultry breeds, mainly because they have a bizarre look that brand-new chicken caretakers treasure.

Hens of this breed have feathery crests that can often obscure their vision, making them a bit worried around people.

Nevertheless, when you cut the crest back, your poultries will not only have the ability to see better but will additionally be much less nervous around you.

Polish hens do great in confinement. They wonder about birds, so an indoor environment is advised to maintain these inquisitive concessions of difficulty.

A manageable, tame, and pleasant bird, this poultry enjoys being managed– as well as specifically enjoys cuddling!

The Polish poultry hen is additionally a good egg layer, producing about 4 eggs weekly.

7. Faverolle Friendliest Chicken Breeds

faverolle-friendliest chicken breeds
Faverolle- friendliest Chicken Breeds

This bird sticks out a distinct French chicken type as it has five toes instead of the conventional four.

This poultry likewise has cozy cheek feathers (formally referred to as muffs) as well as a completely feathery beard.

Faverolles come in lots of shades, yet the most popular is salmon. They thrive in confinement and are also exceptionally adaptable.

They are very easy to teach and tame, making the breed an excellent choice if you have children.

You’ll additionally get an outstanding four eggs almost every week from your hens.

8. Easter Egger Friendliest Chicken Breeds
15 Astounding Friendliest Chicken Breeds to Raise as Pets

Nonetheless, any poultry that lays tinted eggs and doesn’t comply with breeding standards for Ameraucana or Araucana poultries can be considered an Easter Egger.

Easter Eggers are valued for their capability to create blue, eco-friendly, and also pink eggs.

They are enchanting and vibrant themselves, too, as well as although they differ extensively in look, they don’t differ quite as much in regard to their dispositions.

These birds tend to be quite friendly and docile– they’re additionally fairly simple to train.

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9. Bantam Silkie
15 Astounding Friendliest Chicken Breeds to Raise as Pets

Silkie birds of any breed are preferred options for yard groups. However, bantam birds tend to be one of the most popular.  They are so small (often less than an extra pound or two!) that they are extremely, very easy to deal with.

Silkies can be bearded or non-bearded, but they come in a selection of quills.  They have silky plumes that are a lot more like smoke rounds than real feathers andy even have feathery legs.

Silkie hens also have blue earlobes, black skin, as well as black bones. Surprisingly, Silkies have five toes per foot.  Silkies are friendly, sweet, calm, and also docile. Hens are very peaceful, as well as while these poultries are extremely cozy, they do not fly well.

You will certainly need to provide them with reduced perches or even with pet beds in which to rest.  They need to be kept out of severe weather, as well, considering that their plumes aren’t such as those of other hens.

That being claimed, the Silkie chicken is a wonderful choice if you desire pet poultry, as it is not only pleasant, but it enjoys being cuddled and snuggled.

10. Wyandotte Friendliest Chicken Breed

wyandotte chicken

Wyandotte chickens are frequently raised in backyard flocks because they are attractive to take a look at– yet they are likewise treasured for their calm, sweet temperament.

This friendliest chicken breed is also easy to train. These birds are prolific layers, creating about 200 brown eggs yearly.

Wyandotte hens can also be raised for meat, however. These hens come in numerous colors, including tied shade selections like blue, gold, and silver.

11. Sussex Friendliest Chicken Breed
15 Astounding Friendliest Chicken Breeds to Raise as Pets

The Sussex chicken is one more dual-purpose breed that lays about 250 eggs yearly.

This bird is exceptionally investigative– yet also extremely pleasant and also fragile.

Speckled Sussex chickens are the most prominent in the USA. Yet, you can likewise locate them in tones of brownish, lover, light, enthusiast, white, silver, coronation, red, and enthusiast Columbian.

12. Jersey Giant
jersey giant chickens

Jersey Giants are a few of the largest poultry breeds out there, as well as while the formal name is Jersey Giant, we think this chicken type ought to be relabelled to “Mild Giant.”

Jersey Giants chickens are one of the friendliest chicken breeds as well as fairly tranquil and also accommodating, as well.

An excellent pick for a newbie group, this hen lays about 260 eggs annually.

They are dual-purpose birds, nonetheless, as well as can also be raised for meat or event.

13. White Leghorn Friendliest Chickens Breeds
15 Astounding Friendliest Chicken Breeds to Raise as Pets

The White Leghorn is an effective chicken that can create 280 white eggs each year.

One of the most common hen breeds in commercial egg production, this bird can be wayward. It is not always a tranquility, kicked-back chicken breed; however, it is very easy to train because it is so intelligent.

The White Leghorn does ideal in warm environments because of its little body and large comb.

14. Black or Red Star Friendliest Chicken Breeds

15 Astounding Friendliest Chicken Breeds to Raise as Pets

Star chickens are also known as sex links. These birds aren’t necessarily officially recognized types however rather are popular effective hybrids.

Star chicks can be sexed at hatching out time, making it very easy for you to tell whether you are obtaining a chicken or fowl– and consequently getting rid of the probability of gender-related aggressiveness in your flock.

Sex link chickens lay approximately 260 brown eggs yearly.

These birds are tranquil and also friendly– and also an exceptional type of chicken for novices and more experienced chicken owners.

15. Sultan Friendliest Chicken Breeds

15 Astounding Friendliest Chicken Breeds to Raise as Pets

Sultans are unique chickens that make outstanding family pets. These hens stemmed as court birds for the Sultans of the Footrest empire.

This bird rarely scratched at the imperial gardens and also today is elevated for similar functions.

This ornamental type is not an excellent egg layer, generating just several eggs yearly. Nevertheless, these white poultries have beautiful looks with large, puffy crests and vulture hocks.

They have low wings and lots of leg feathering, making them a beautiful addition to your backyard group.

Most importantly, Sultan hens are docile and also tranquil. They enjoy being around people and do well in confinement.

They are very easy to manage, and while they aren’t fit in chilly settings, they can quickly be elevated inside your home.

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What is the Meanest Chicken Breed?

You’ll listen to many points of view from various backyard chicken owners, band to be fair, the disposition of poultry has more to do with its unique character as well as atmosphere than it performs with its details breed or genes.

That being stated, the Silver Laced Serama is extensively considered the most hostile breed of chickens.

15 Astounding Friendliest Chicken Breeds to Raise as Pets
Silver Laced Serama

Hens can end up being incredibly irritable when they are broody as well as their nests are disturbed. At the same time, chickens are typically quite ornery in the very first year of their lives (when their bodies are surging with hormonal agents) as well as in the very early springtime.

Can You Train a Chicken to Be Friendlier?

Hostility in chickens can be caused by a selection of hereditary factors (about breed), hormones, behaviorally reinforced, or instinctive.

Some breeds are normally more aggressive, while others will be friendly or better at other things– like foraging.

Naturally, however, within a breed, there will certainly constantly be variations.

As a whole, bantam poultries often tend to be much more pleasant, but that’s not always real.

Similarly, fowls, also, often tend to be much more hostile than chickens, however once more, in every group, there often tends to be at the very least one ornery chicken.

Hostile hens usually adopt habits that we as human beings view as mean or not friendly– such as striking people, pets, and even various other poultries.

They might peck your hand as you try to feed them, or they may chase after many other chickens around the backyard.

The hen itself does not view these actions as mean– after all, chickens don’t know the distinction.

However, there are some ways you can encourage your poultries to be friendlier, even if you don’t have among the friendliest chicken breeds we already discussed.

As an example, persuading the poultries that you are alpha chicken can be fairly valuable. To do this, you must stay clear of backing down from a hen that is revealing signs of aggressiveness.

Remain on guard if you have much more aggressive poultry, however, don’t turn away.

Stand as high as feasible and if you can, stay clear of using a boot or stick as a security step– poultries typically see these procedures as hazards.

Instead, at the first indication of supremacy, establish on your own at the top of the chain of command by grabbing the aggressive hen by the feet and turning it inverted. Then, tuck it under your arm like a football.

Hold it for about a minute up until it identifies your dominance. You might need to repeat this procedure numerous times.

Picking the friendliest chicken breeds for Your Family

Chickens have been rapidly growing in popularity as one of the most precious farm animals.

These pets not only permit you to add to a much more all-natural way of living but they can also also be raised as tame, friendly family pets, as well.

how long do chickens live

When you’re looking for the friendliest chicken breeds for your home, consider several of these friendliest breeds– not only will they be less difficult to tame, but they’ll also give you an endless supply of yummy farm-fresh eggs.


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