Can Chickens Swim?

Chickens are splendid as family pets. As a domesticated animal, it can be remarkable for your life, too, offering you fresh eggs and even meat.

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If you own chickens, you might have been questioning whether they can swim. Possibly you require to take them out for a bath, or you would merely like to let them romp around in the tub for a while. 

The reality is chickens like water. Although chickens’ wings and legs might not be suitable for swimming, these charming birds do swim when essential for them. Like many animals and birds, chickens have an impulse for survival.

If chickens dwell in water, they will season themselves to it and adjust rapidly.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

Chickens can and do swim if they need to; however, they usually pick not to. A chickens’ plumes are not water-resistant like those of a duck, and a chicken will slowly take in water and sink.

That stated, I have seen among my birds’ wade into the pond and swim throughout it so they can and do the bath, and they have a right turn of speed in the water. These chickens remained in the water for less than 5 seconds and understood the pond well.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

They can swim back to water in a survival scenario. However, chickens are not used to it. Please do not toss chickens into the water to see if they can swim. It is harsh.


Although water is not a chicken’s natural environment, if you were to take your flock to a pool, they would have the ability to swim merely great. If you are rearing chickens, you can take your birds out for a swim, as long as you are observing them.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

It is significant to keep in mind, though, that chickens are not suitable for swimming. They utilize water more as a bath or for playing in a pond. It would be best to keep in mind that deep water is not an area where chickens would naturally live. It is the reason why it is good to avoid putting your chickens under restraint.

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2.  Chickens Are Not Same As Ducks When It Comes To Swimming

Chickens are distinct from ducks when it pertains to swimming in the swimming pool. The primary factor for this is the distinction in the physiological systems of chickens when compared to ducks.

Ducks have water-resistant plumes. When ducks are in the water, their plumes do not get damp, and for this reason, they can swim easily. 

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

The plumes of chickens are not water-resistant, suggesting that their plumes will get heavy when they are wet, making it hard for a chicken to swim. The heavy, damp plumes might furthermore make the chickens sink from all the weight.

It would be better if you were near your chickens when they stay on the water.

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Another factor for their incompetence in swimming is that chickens do not have webbed feet as ducks do. The webbed feet assist the ducks in drifting and moving on in water as they perform as oars while swimming. Because chickens do not have webbed feet, they cannot swim in the same way as ducks do.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

In some of the videos of chickens swimming I saw on the net, none of them entered into the water of their own will. They were all put there by their owners. Chickens, as a rule, never decide to swim, although there is always an exception.


Exercise Caution When Taking Your Chickens Out For A Swim

Regardless of all this, chickens can drift in the water and can swim short ranges if necessary. Research studies have revealed that chickens have a natural, innate capability to swim without being taught how to swim. 

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

As soon as chickens are in the water, their natural impulse starts, and they begin to float. There are likewise occurrences of drowning and ensuing death of chickens inside a pail complete of water, so you should be cautious with your family pets.

Yes, chickens can drown and relatively quickly in some cases. I have seen it happen on my birds soak to death in water in my garden pool.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

To stop your chickens from drowning, ensure they can leave quickly on any water on your land. Utilize bricks, stones, or a slab of wood to make a ladder out of the water.


No. The feathers take in the water right away, and the chicks panic. Baby chicks likewise chill immediately. Another thing to put in mind is that chicks can not swim. If baby chickens are in deep water, they right away drown and lose their life.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

I have noticed baby chicks drown in half an inch of water, and even if they are feathered, the plumes are not suitable for the outdoors or water.


Chickens need water for drinking.

I have many chickens that will stand in water in the heat of summertime to cool off; however, I have never had one that has picked to swim.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?


As a rule, it is a wrong concept to get your chickens damp. A little surface area of water on the top of their plumes is absolutely nothing to stress. However, a wet chicken to the skin is most likely to suffer and get cold and potentially ill.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

My chickens go playing in the rain if they have the option. Chickens choose to be dry; however, they will head out in the wet sometimes.

Chickens that have got wet to their skin will most likely require to be dried off to prevent problems.


My chickens enjoy swimming in my farm pond. However, it has shallow sloping edges and is a useful source of water and bugs. I have seen the odd birds swim throughout it, and they frequently stand waist-deep in it in the summertime to cool down.

They appear to understand naturally not to get their wings damp.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

Chickens might like a pool as a water source, though they might quickly drown in one if it is not covered. I might soon picture a chicken attempting to consume and fall into one. If you have deep swimming pools in your garden, it might be an excellent concept to keep them covered if you have chickens.

I have noticed many videos on YouTube of chickens swimming in pools. Keep in mind these are hot locations with warm water. Mine frequently stand in water in the summertime heat, so there might well be some satisfaction here.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

I would caution against requiring your chickens to swim. They might likewise follow your locations and enter into difficulty.I had seen a hen that raised duckling that panicked when her brood goes to the water for the first time.

Suppose you wish to attempt swimming your chicken. In that case, I recommend utilizing a kid’s inflatable swimming pool to fill it half-filled with water. Start with sufficient water to come half method up the chicken and see how they get on.


Chickens will drift as long as their plumes trap air. The issue is that plumes will slowly absorb water, and the chicken will ultimately sink.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

In my experience, a chicken will drift for 5 to 10 minutes before it sinks. This quantity of time depends upon just how much it is having a hard time and surging to go out. A panicking chicken might end up saturated in as low as 60 seconds under the best conditions.


Some types of chickens can swim much better than others.

8 Interesting Facts-Can Chickens Swim?

Silkie chickens can’t swim at all. Their distinct fluffy plume gets wet quickly, and they sink rapidly. A Silkie finding itself in water will require to go out in a couple of seconds, or it will likely drown.