Wyandotte Chicken are remarkable birds that are available in a limitless variety of colors. This American reproduced bird is prevalent worldwide – not just since they are so lovely, however since they are efficient layers and fantastic backyard buddies.

Wyandotte chickens are a bit broody, a way bit moody, and magnificent to take a look at. What’s not to appreciate about the remarkable Wyandotte chicken?

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

These birds are famous worldwide, not because they’re so beautiful to take a look at; however, they are treasured for their great laying and mothering capabilities.

With a typical life-span of 6 to twelve years, these birds will rapidly enter your household.

Here’s what you require to understand about this popular all-American chicken type.

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicken


The Rarity of Wyandotte Chicken

Wyandottes are a popular type in Australia and not tough to discover. If you’re attempting to find some pure breeds that adhere to all the Australian requirements, you may need to browse a bit harder. Numerous Wyandotte breeders offer great deals of various color ranges, so you’re sure to discover one you like.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Origin of Wyandotte Chicken

An American chicken breed, the Wyandotte, originated in the state of New York. The name is the same as an acknowledged Native American people and language.

The Wyandotte individuals didn’t have much to do with the chicken. The name stuck out of a commitment to the Native Americans who assisted out the very first white inhabitants in the location.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Aside from that, it’s uncertain why the name Wyandotte was selected for this specific type of chicken.

In any case, there are numerous ranges of Wyandotte that are officially acknowledged, consisting of the Silver Laced, the Partridge, and the Buff.

A popular show breed, the Wyandotte isn’t going to fade into the background anytime soon. Brand-new variations and color ranges of the breed are being established every day. It even is available in a bantam size!

The Wyandotte has a heavyweight dual-purpose type and can likewise be thought about among the most efficient egg laying chicken types. These chickens are thought to have stemmed at some point in the late 1800s.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Established by four individuals, John Ray, H.M. Doubleday, Fred Houdlette, and L. Whittaker, the WYandotte was among the first dual-purpose birds.

It was initially described as the American Sebright chicken. However, the name was altered by the American Poultry Association.

The very first Wyandotte range to appear was a Silver-Laced range. This was established someplace in upstate New York in the 1860s.

A short time later on, the Gold-Laced WYandotte– among today’s most popular types– appeared.

The Gold-Laced Wyandotte chicken was developed with genes from a Silver-Laced Wyandotte hen and a gold-spangled Hamburg and Partridge Cochin rooster.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

This impressive variety wasn’t initially called a Wyandotte at all however rather a Winnebago.

The Wyandotte made its first global trip in the 1880s, making the journey throughout the Atlantic showcased to British poultry purveyors.

It ended up being so popular that by 1904, the expense of purchasing a Wyandotte chicken was comparable to the value of buying a small house!

The Wyandotte chicken is an all-American type, stemming from the state of New York City. Their name originates from a Native American people. Nevertheless, whether they are associated in any way with the people is unidentified.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

The Wyandotte was developed in the United States in the 1870s by four individuals, John Ray, H. M. Doubleday, L. Whittaker, and Fred Houdlette. The first type was the silver-laced, which consisted of in the American Standard of Perfection in 1883; it was required to Britain at about the same time.

The origin of the type is still somewhat a secret. Nevertheless, silver spangled Hamburgs and dark Brahmas are thought-about crucial types in the preliminary crosses to establishing the Wyandotte.

The Hamburg was used for the rose comb and the Brahma for the color scheme. Before the type’s approval into the Standard of Perfection, the breed was described as the “Sebright Cochin” and “American Sebright.”

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

The gold-laced Wyandotte was produced by breeding silver-laced hens with gold-spangled Hamburg and partridge Cochin roosters.

The white Wyandotte was a sport the silver-laced. The enthusiast variation came from crossing the silver-laced with enthusiast Cochin stock; the black version was likewise a sport silver-laced and the gold-laced.

The partridge Wyandotte results from crossing the gold-laced with Indian Game, partridge Cochin, gold-penciled Hamburghs, and a “Winnebago” pressure. The very first Wyandotte bantams were included in the Standard of Perfection in 1933.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Following this, Wyandotte’s various breeds slowly made their method throughout multiple states of America – such as the Partridge, Silver Laced, and Buff.

Fun Truths About Wyandotte Chicken

New color varieties of the Wyandotte are still being developed by breeders around the world – among the most current is the ‘Chocolate Partridge’

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken


Character and Behavior of Wyandotte Chicken

As docile, friendly birds, Wyandottes are called a few of the very best yard chickens you can raise. They delight in having the ability to forage and complimentary variety; however, they can likewise endure confinement rather while.

Integrating a mix of the two is suggested for mots yard chicken keepers. This will enable you to supply your chickens with all the security (and access to yummy bugs and pasture!) that they require.

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Calm and simple to agree, the Wyandotte tends to hit it off with many other chickens.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

It can be irritable from time to time, nevertheless, and will not succeed with poultry who like to be at the head of the chain of command– the Wyandotte means business, and it’s here to remain.

This chicken has a relentless dominant streak and will not take kindly to being bullied.

You will likely discover that your Wyandottes invest much of their time alone. They are aloof and endure confinement well. However, they likewise take pleasure in free-ranging.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

They will have a ball pursuing the seed, bugs, and other animals wandering about your yard.

That stated these chickens aren’t susceptible to rushing. They will take their time and walk at their speed, not too concerned about what the other birds in the flock are doing.

White Wyandottes aren’t precisely understood for being lap chickens. They aren’t aggressive, either.

Being snuggled certainly will not be their preferred leisure activity. It would be best if you did not stress these chickens going after your little kids or animals.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Wyandottes are a popular exhibitor of 4H birds because it usually takes instead a lot to disturb them.

They are understood for being leading award-winners in the program ring, both for their personalized behaviors and stunning looks.

Wyandotte chickens are docile and friendly birds that make fantastic yard chickens. They like to free-range and forage in an open location, nevertheless can endure confinement. So a mix of both run enclosure time and backyard roaming time will keep them pleased and thriving in their environment.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Breeding and Hatching

Wyandotte chickens are understood for having strong broody propensities and being reputable caretakers of fertile eggs. They make excellent moms that will adoringly tend to their baby chicks with ease.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Egg Production

Lots of people choose to raise the Wyandotte chicken for eggs. Not just will it lay about 200 big brown eggs each year. However, it will not stop laying throughout the cold weather.

This is a typical issue with other types of chickens, who tend to stop egg production completely throughout the cooler months of restricted daytime.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

The majority of Wyandotte chickens will lay about four medium to large eggs every week. The outstanding laying capabilities of the Wyandotte hen is special to this type.

Lots of dual-purpose chickens have infamously poor egg production. You have to make compromises someplace!

This is far from the situation with the Wyandotte. It will continue to lay great deals of eggs all year for you, despite the season.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Wyandotte chickens are good egg layers, laying around 200 big brown eggs each year. What’s even much better is that they usually lay through the winter season and summer season. In contrast, other types tend to stop egg production.

Meat Production

Wyandotte chickens are likewise typically raised for meat. This traditional breed is thought about as a heritage type because it takes longer to reach table weight.

Many Wyandotte chickens will be prepared for the butcher at around the age of four months.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

While the meat will be the most tender if you butcher, you do not need to do it precisely at this time.

You can wait for as long as eight months to slaughter your chickens. After about eight months, the meat will begin to get hard.

Wyandottes aren’t understood for being extremely fatty, specifically compared to other dual-purpose heritage chickens like Orpingtons.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

The carcass is good and complete and will yield you plenty of meat, filling out well after 20-25 weeks.

However, when you are raising meat birds of any kind, specifically heritage chickens like Wyandottes, keep in mind that what you feed your chickens will play an important function in how the meat tastes.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Enabling your chickens to free-range and consume more natural foods (instead of stuffing themselves on grain) will provide to a carcass that is leaner and has a finer taste.

The appearance of Wyandotte Chicken

A premium chicken, the Wyandotte weighs in as much as 9 pounds! It can be seen in a variety of colors that are acknowledged by the American Poultry Association, in addition to other colors that have yet to be officially recognized. Wyandotte roosters tip the scales as much as 9 pounds, while hens are somewhat smaller sized, at 6 or 7.

You can also see bantam-variety Wyandotte chickens. These typically weigh between 36 and 42 ounces.

A full-breasted, deep chicken, the Wyandotte has a big frame in addition to a big head and a profoundly developed comb. An expanded comb is just one that sits closer to the chicken head instead of standing erect and upright, which is what you may see on other breeds of chickens.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

However, this comb is not just stunning to take a look at, but it also assists in safeguarding the chicken from extreme winter weather conditions the same as frostbite.

The Wyandotte is an excellent bird that makes it best for the table.

According to the American Poultry Association requirement, the Wyandotte chicken should have yellow skin and yellow legs. The legs are clean and with no plumes, having four toes on each foot. The legs are strong, able to hold the heavyweight of the chicken.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

The earlobes, face, comb, and wattles of the Wyandotte chicken are red, with a dark golden-yellow beak. The eyes are distinctively orange.

The remainder of the look of the chicken type will differ depending upon what color range it is. The gold-laced variety has, as you may anticipate, golden plumes that are laced with deep black. They likewise have some subtle veining.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Other versions acknowledged by the American Poultry Association consist of:

  • Silver Laced: developed as a cross in between a silver-spangled Hamburg and a dark-colored Brahma
  • Gold Laced: produced in Wisconsin as the outcome of reproducing a Partridge Cochin, Gold Spangled Hamburg, and Silver Laced Wyandotte
  • Black Partridge: a cross in between a Buff Wyandotte and a Partridge Cochin
  • Buff: a cross in between a Silver Laced Wyandotte and a Buff Cochin
  • Silver Penciled
  • Blue
  • Colombian: produced as a cross in between a Barred Plymouth Rock and a white Wyandotte

These same variations are also acknowledged in Great Britain, with the addition of barred, Buff laced, red, and white Wyandottes, too. Bantam Wyandottes were granted to the standard in 1933.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Today, they are rather hard to discover. However, they can still be found in choose locations.

For chicken keepers looking for a smaller sized type of bird, the bantam range is frequently the best fit.

The Wyandotte is a heavy, tough-looking type (thus, it’s a popular double function breed), weighing in at 2.7-3.8 kgs.

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The Wyandotte is a relatively big bird, however compact and rounded. The weight variety is variable, yet usually 5 1/2 to 8 1/2 pounds for pullets to cock birds. However vast, the body of a Wyandotte chicken is explained as medium length, bringing that width throughout the back and into the tail.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Silver-laced Wyandotte roosters might periodically show hen feathering.

The Wyandotte is available in a wide variety of gorgeous color varieties. (identified by different Standard Associations throughout the world) that were established as it spread out throughout America – from Columbian to Buff, to Partridge, the list goes on! They likewise have bright red combs and pale-colored legs.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Silver Laced Wyandotte

A popular and sensational range is the blue laced Wyandotte, which has uncommon blue/grey laced plumes. Numerous keepers would concur that blue laced Wyandottes are one of the most photogenic chickens out there!

Health Issue of Wyandotte Chicken

Among the many advantages of raising Wyandotte chickens is that they are primarily self-dependent.

They are feathery and fluffy, however, so with all chickens, you will wish to watch out for issues like external parasites.

Lice and termites can be specific concerns, so check them on a weekly basis to ensure whatever seems in good shape.

Offering routine access to dust bathing centers can assist your Wyandottes in avoiding issues with parasites.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

It likewise motivates great social habits, so including even a fundamental dust bath in your chicken run is very helpful. Routine deworming can also assist in keeping these parasites at bay.

Another concern related to the thick, downy feathering of this bird relates to its rear end.

Since its behind is so amply feathered, you might discover concerns with droppings screwing up the behind of our birds. If it ends up being a concern, merely cut the functions, and you need to be excellent to go.

Like all chickens, you must keep in mind to supply appropriate fresh water and lots of healthy feed. You will likewise wish to provide a safe and secure chicken cage for your chickens to roost during the night– and naturally, to lay their eggs!

Raising Wyandotte Chicks

Wyandotte hens are understood for being remarkably broody. They are dependable caretakers, frequently resting on fertile eggs. They go broody typically, and when their eggs hatch, they are great moms, ending to their infant chicks with care.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

When you have Wyandotte chicks, you do not require to do much else besides the standard level of care that you would provide to chickens of any type.

As grownups, your Wyandottes will require a standard laying feed. Beware about feeding excessive laying feed if you are likewise raising roosters in your flock– excessive calcium can trigger kidney and liver issues.

Considering that Wyandottes are bigger, they will require a bit more area per bird to avoid riding and battling. While you can often manage with just 2 square feet per bird in the cage with other chicken types, you will wish to up that to a minimum of 4 (however, preferably 5) with your Wyandottes. Include an extra 10 to twelve square feet per bird out in the run.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

The more area you can provide your Wyandottes, the much better!

Make certain the coop in which you are real estate your Wyandottes are aerated, however likewise devoid of extreme drafts. This will assist in avoiding cooling throughout the cold weather.

Advantages of Raising Wyandotte Chicken

Wyandotte chickens are valued for their flexibility in a range of environments. Not just are they durable in cold winter season conditions due to their heavyweight and feathering. However, they can likewise make it through in warmer climates too.

Ensure you have a well-ventilated cage and lots of shade for those warmer months.

The winter season, however, is where the Wyandotte chicken showcases its strengths. This chicken is sturdy and can hold up against winter season temperature levels with ease– even temperature levels well below zero.

Considering that the Wyandotte is big and has a rose comb (instead of a single cob), it does better in cold temperature levels. It has more limited flesh exposed to the cold air and a decreased danger of frostbite. 

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Wyandottes are extremely versatile, enduring confinement well. At the same time, they are likewise excellent foragers.

You will not need to stress excessively about predators while your birds are out foraging, either.

Wyandottes are still chickens. For that reason, they vulnerable to predation from big animals like coyotes and foxes. They are big enough where you generally will not have to stress about your Wyandottes being sniped by hawks or other air-borne predators.

Another advantage of raising the Wyandotte chicken is its flexibility on your homestead. Not just can this chicken produce more than 200 eggs each year. However, it will likewise go broody.

You do not need to depend on an incubator if you wish to hatch your eggs in your home– you require a Wyandotte hen and a rooster to fertilize the eggs.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

If you prepare on raising the Wyandotte for both eggs and meat, you most likely currently understand how great this chicken is for meat production.

Even if you wish to raise your Wyandottes for eggs, there’s an advantage to be kept in mind here.

When your hens stop producing (which is typically long before they will pass away of natural causes), you can look after your chickens by changing them into table birds.

Disadvantages of Raising Wyandotte Chicken

There are a couple of downsides to raising Wyandotte chickens in your yard flock.

Among the greatest is that your Wyandottes’ characters can be a bit much to handle the very first time you communicate with them.

A lot of hens are understood for being primarily peaceful, and Wyandottes are incredibly chatty.

These hens will make sounds not simply when they are laying eggs but also throughout the day.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Roosters, too, make noticeable crowing sounds. These aren’t associates special to the Wyandotte type– all chickens make sounds, naturally– but Wyandottes are understood for being a bit more singing and lively.

You will likewise require to pay attention to your flock’s characteristics, particularly if you present your Wyandottes to a recognized group of chickens. Watch out for any concerns connected to supremacy, as your Wyandotte will wish to be the top dog and will not take kindly to being bossed around.

You will desire to keep a close eye on your Wyandottes throughout the summertime, especially if you live in a warm environment.

While Wyandottes are remarkably appropriate to the cold, their thick feathering makes them less-than-ideal for warmer weather conditions. Make sure to supply lots of shade and tidy, fresh water at all times.


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Wyandottes are typically relatively self enough birds. Their feathery and fluffy behind can be an issue, as droppings periodically trigger a mess – so if this ends up being an issue, a quick trim of the plumes need to repair it right up.

Fresh water and healthy feed must continuously be readily available to them. They need a safe chicken cage where they can roost and lay their eggs.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Health Issues

Wyandottes do not have any health problems specific to their type. Their health must be dealt with in addition to any typical chicken. Routine worming is fantastic for keeping parasites at bay, along with vaccinations if essential.


The Wyandotte is exceptionally sturdy in cold winter season conditions. As long as they have a well-aerated cage to shelter in, your flock will be comfy and pleased.

Wyandotte Chickens are one of the handfuls of types that are incredibly cold durable. Besides, these chickens are incredibly fluffy with a lot more down than a lot of other varieties.

Wyandottes are among the very best breeds you can select for a cold environment.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Reasons Why Wyandotte Chicken are Excellent

Is the Wyandotte Chicken Right For Me?

With a docile attitude and an easy-going character, the Wyandotte chicken is the best option for a lot of yard cages– specifically, if you wish to raise a sturdy dual-purpose type that’s great for both meat and eggs.

Wyandottes are not just simple to take care of. However, they’re likewise reputable ornamental birds. If you’re interested in poultry that will be an excellent household animal and be stunning in the program ring, then this is the chicken for you.

Wyandotte Chickens are amazing, durable birds that provide us with fantastic backyard friendship and fresh eggs throughout the year. There are many color ranges to pick from, and all are aesthetically striking – we want we might have among every color!

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken

Whether you believe Wyandottes are the type for you. Or are you thinking about the many other possible chickens for your flock? It can be too complicated and challenging to make the very best choice for you and your household.

As chicken keepers, we wish to do an excellent task when taking care of our good feathered friends However, many of us have a hard time managing chicken health or habits problems, specifically in the first couple of years of having a flock.

7 Astounding Reasons to be Addicted to Wyandotte Chicken


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