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14 Amazing Chicken Fence Ideas To Protect Against Predators

Chicken keeping is a lot of fun. Chicken farmers and handlers have multiplied to the thousands in recent years. But don’t let that fool you into thinking chicken keeping is simple.

There is a lot to think about and worry about. The safety of the chickens in a caretaker’s care is just one of many concerns.

wire chicken fences

Chickens have a poor reputation for self-sufficiency. Indeed, even the most aggressive ones are included. They require safety from dangers such as illness, stress, and chicken predators.

Chicken farmers face a number of challenges, one of the most significant being predators. Predators are everywhere, in the air, on the ground, and in the water. Stressful.

Do you just want to learn more about poultry? But perhaps you’re having trouble getting rid of your predator problem. Stop right there! We’re willing to lend a hand. Let’s analyze the different chicken fencing ideas and possibilities then.

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14 Best Chicken Fence Ideas and Designs

Chicken coops can be surrounded by a variety of chicken fences. You can also pick from a wide variety of materials.

Our list of chicken fences is organized by their primary construction material. This would allow us to detail the benefits and drawbacks of each material. Maybe now you can make a more informed choice.

Wire Chicken Fences

14 Amazing Chicken Fence Ideas To Protect Against Predators

Wire chicken fences, as their name implies, make use of various wires. If you are considering using chicken wires or something similar for a fence, you may find the ideal option for you here.

Advantages of Using Wire Chicken Fences

wire chicken fences

Wire chicken fences are popular among chicken keepers. Some of the reasons are as follows.

  • Wire chicken fences are easy to find. You can find them at most hardware stores. Chicken keepers might gain some extra time by going this route.
  • Wire chicken fences are typically the easiest to put up because of their modular design.
  • Wire chicken fences are just as simple to disassemble as they are to set up.
  • Adaptable and flexible in every sense.
  • Most wire chicken fences can be shaped easily.
  • Wires are inexpensive and functional when compared to other materials.

1. Simple Wire Chicken Fence

Our first fence is likely the cheapest and simplest option available. Many designs, as we’ll see, call for strenuous effort. You’ll have to do a little bit of heavy lifting, but there won’t be any digging involved.

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You can use this fencing alone or in conjunction with other protection, depending on the situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Simple Wire Fence

Pros:  Fencing is simple and inexpensive, which is a plus. Even if dogs or other predators tried, they might have trouble destroying it.

Cons:  A potential drawback is that it may not be very useful on its own.

2.  Standard Wire Chicken Fence

This type of fence is one of the most common, so you have probably seen it before. Again, there isn’t a lot of effort required here. One or two different kinds of wires may be used, depending on the problem you have.

Advantages and Drawbacks of the Standard Wire Chicken Fence

Pros:  It’s a plus that it’s easy to set up and dismantle.
Cons:  This fencing has one major flaw: predators will eventually find a way to breach it. With this fence, vigilance is required at all times.

3.  The Tall and High Wire Chicken Fence

tall wire chicken fences example

If you have feathery chickens, you will love our next fence. It’s not surprising that a tall fence will cost more than a shorter one, but it’s worth it to ensure your property is secure. After all, you’d need twice as much stuff.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone, with this fence. It’s effective, and it doesn’t call for an expensive budget.

Pros and Cons of the Tall Wire Chicken Fence


Pros:  The plus side is that it saves money. Keeping the chickens safe and sound won’t break the bank.

Cons:  The bad news is that it isn’t very effective at keeping some chicken predators out (e.g., snakes). For the fence’s base, you may want to use welded wire with smaller openings. You could also use chicken wire to cover the bottom half of the structure.

4. Easy and Quick Wire Chicken Fence

14 Amazing Chicken Fence Ideas To Protect Against Predators

If you don’t have to worry about predators and you want to keep your chickens contained, this fence is for you. If you value your lawn, this fence is a great option for your backyard.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Easy and Quick Wire Chicken Fence


Pros: One plus is that it’s easy to set up and dismantle. It is inexpensive and prevents the grass from being damaged.

Cons:  Negatively, it’s not the best option if there are dangerous animals in the area. Predators, especially tenacious ones, will likely still enter regardless.

Disadvantages of Using Wire Chicken Fences

Sagging:  A sagging fence not only allows your chickens to escape but also provides easy access to any nearby predators.

Issues:  The problem is that fencing typically requires at least two wires in order to function. There’s a problem with every single wire.  First of all, chicken wires tend to be quite delicate. There are big spaces between welded wires. The price of chain-link fences is high.

Weak: Wires alone aren’t enough to keep out determined predators.

Chicken Fences Made of Wire and Wood

The subsequent chicken fences we put up will be made of wire and wood. We still see many properties with this type of fencing. Wire fences have some issues that can be remedied by installing these fences.

Wire and wood fences both have their benefits.


Wood Structure: By using a wooden frame, you can avoid sagging wires.
Easily Obtainable – You can quickly find the specific type and length of wood you require.
Convenience:  The use of a nail gun or similar tool will make attaching the wires to the wood quicker and easier.

5.  Conventional Wire and Wood Chicken Fence

Conventional wire and wood chicken fences

In many ways, this fence is comparable to the second fence we discussed. The frame is the difference. Despite its unassuming appearance, building with wood has many advantages.

The Pros and Cons of a Conventional Wire and Wood Chicken Fence


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Pros-  The wooden posts are an effective and easy solution to the problem of wire sagging.
Cons-  The digging required for this fence is a major drawback. Putting it up in rocky or hard soil will be challenging.


6.  Split Rail Chicken Fence

split rail chicken fence
Split Rail Chicken Fence

Although visually distinct from the previous fence, this one is also quite similar. The only distinction between the two is the potential for additional assistance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Split Rail Chicken Fence

Pros-  The added reinforcement ensures that there will be no sagging wire. You can use the rail to hang plants if you’re a gardener.

Cons-  The downside is that it isn’t easy to set up or disassemble. The continuous expansion would be challenging.

7.  The Portable Chicken Fence System

portable chicken fence
Portable Chicken Fence

The fence that’s going up next to ours is fantastic. The concept of modular buildings has always appealed to me. If you’ve never settled down and are always on the go, this is the best option for you.

A Portable Chicken Fence’s Pros and Cons

Pros-  Fortunately, you can shift your fence from place to place. You shouldn’t feel pressured to settle on a specific location right away.

Cons-  Regrettably, dismantling it is not as easy as putting it together.

8.  Tall Chicken Fence Made of Wood and Wire

There is a resemblance between this fence and the third fence we put up. The main difference is that this one is made of wood, rather than metal, to hold up the wire.

Pros and Cons of Tall Wire and Wood chicken Fence


Benefit: it works well if your chickens tend to fly around a lot.
Drawbacks- The potential for difficulty in installation and the fact that it is not the least expensive alternative make this fence a potential disadvantage.

9. Rustic Chicken Fence

rustic chicken fences

One of the best alternatives here is the rustic fence. This is due to the fact that it is one of the cheapest and safest fencing choices available. You may be making use of free, naturally occurring resources, but it still looks great!

Positives and Negatives of a Rustic Chicken Fence

Pros- A plus is that the rustic fence can do its job at a low cost. It will also look great on your land if you appreciate rustic design.

Cons-  On the negative side, it may require a lot of effort. It’s not easy to set up or disassemble.

Drawbacks of Wire and Wood Chicken Fences

Installation:  To set up a fence made of wire or wood requires extensive digging.

Disassembling and Rebuilding – Taking down a wire and wooden chicken fence is a challenging task. It’s likely that you’ll need to spend some time cleaning up the site after demolishing the structure.

Chicken Fences Made From Nets

Everyone does not need a fence like this. For some people, it will be a life-changing experience, but for others, it will be a catastrophe.

In a nutshell, net fences are advantageous in many ways.

Cheaper Option-  Save money by using nets instead of more expensive materials like wire, wood, or planks. It’s definitely something to think about if you think it will work on your land.

Durability-  Sturdy, lasting, and not easily damaged by the elements. It’s suitable for use in any weather.

Easy to Install-  Most net-based fencing systems are straightforward to erect. It’s not very physically demanding. As simple to disassemble as it is to assemble, it can be taken down just as quickly.

Safe – Compared to the first two options, we can feel much more secure using nets. You won’t put yourself in danger of serious injury while putting it together.

10.  Fish Net Chicken Fence

A net may not seem like the most ideal material for a fence to you. Possibly you have doubts about its durability. Do you know what a fishing net looks like? A solid foundation could make the fishnet chicken fence just as sturdy as the others.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of a Chicken Fence Made from Fishing Nets

Pros-  To its credit, it requires little in the way of physical labor to set up. It can be dismantled quickly and doesn’t demand permanent installation.

Cons-  On the downside, it may not be strong enough to fend off larger predators. It could also sag if the installation was shoddy. To repeat, a broken fence is no guarantee that the birds will remain safe from harm.

11. Poultry Netting Chicken Fences

14 Amazing Chicken Fence Ideas To Protect Against Predators

While nets may not be a preferred choice for some, they are still a viable alternative. The nets used to catch chickens and other poultry are notoriously difficult to sever. You probably can’t lean against it because it’s not as solid as a wall. You can’t really call that a bad thing. This might discourage would-be predators from even attempting their crime.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Poultry Net as a Chicken Fence


Pros-  It’s a plus that it’s simple to assemble and disassemble.  Proper installation is critical, so be careful. If not, it may not work.

Cons-  Limitations of Net Fences as we mentioned before, net fences aren’t the best option for every yard. Big predators would likely be able to breach this fence. Setup Is Key: These fences are only as good as their installation.

Alternative Chicken Fences

Here, we’ll discuss the fences that didn’t quite fit in any of the categories above. If none of the preceding options have piqued your interest, perhaps this one will.

12.  Pallet Chicken Fence

Pallet Chicken Fence
Pallet Chicken Fence

I was wondering if you had any pallets available. A question: do you love recycling? This fence could be the best choice for your needs. Because of the quality of the wood used to construct pallets, a pallet chicken fence should prove to be equally durable.

Advantages and Drawbacks of a Pallet Chicken Fence

Pros- The positive is the low cost of pallet wood. It’s possible you could get it for nothing.

Cons- Pallet wood is a pain to get rid of, though. A lot of effort may be required if you demand perfectly smooth planks.

13.  Electric Chicken Fences

electric chicken fence

Putting up an electric fence around your property is a great way to keep predators away from your crops and livestock. That type of fence is impenetrable to even an attempt at destruction.

Electrical Chicken Fence Pros and Cons


Pros- The plus side is that it’s likely going to fix your problem with predators.
Cons- However, there is the possibility of high costs. Yes, extreme caution is required. After all, this does involve electrical currents.

14.  The Enclosed Chicken Fence

The majority of the fences we’ve fixed involved ground-based predators. Our final product may be the best option for you if you have trouble sleeping because of flying chicken predators.

Implications of the Enclosed Chicken Fence’s Pros and Cons

Pros-  A plus is that it will protect your chickens from foxes and other fox-like creatures.
Cons-  The downside is that it would be challenging to assemble and dismantle.

Summary for Chicken Fences

In conclusion, that’s all 14 distinct strategies and ideas for chicken fences.

Many people enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of raising their own chickens. There are many difficulties, however. The presence of so many potential predators poses a significant threat to our chickens and must be one of our primary concerns.

Raising chickens requires a secure fence, both physically and metaphorically.
Our goal was to solve your chicken problem, and we hope we did. Feel free to check out our other chicken advice if you have any more questions.


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