Popcorn for chickens

Popcorn for Chickens: 5 Amazing Things You Need to Know

Chickens take pleasure in snacking every once in a while. There are various yummy deals that you can offer to your chickens; however, what about popcorn? Is this safe to feed popcorn for chickens, and will it be beneficial to them if you do so? I chose to carry out some research study on the subject, which I want to provide to you here today.

popcorn for chickens

So, can chickens eat popcorn? Yes, chickens can eat popcorn and they normally actually enjoy it. Nevertheless, popcorn must be provided as a reward and in small amounts. It needs to never ever change or displace their routine healthy feed.

popcorn for chickens

We like to spoil our chickens and giving treats and deals with is a fantastic way to do so. Think of needing to eat the exact same foods every day. Although lots of chickens do completely well doing this, it can be good to provide your flock something a little unique every once in a while. Your feathered friends like it too.

Obviously, they can’t eat the specific very same things as us, however specific foods show to be terrific treats with. Popcorn for chickens is one of them.

Let us understand the subject even more by looking at how to feed popcorn for chickens, just how much they can consume together with other factors to consider.

can chickens eat popcorn

How To Feed Popcorn for Chickens

You need to just provide your chicken popped popcorn. Popcorns choose to expand and not physically break down the kernels (which are tough and little. Chickens likewise need unflavored and plain popcorn; it can not be soaked in butter, sugar or perhaps salted.

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popcorn for chickens

This suggests that you will need to take care if you wish to utilize store-bought pre-popped popcorn. And while saltless popcorn might sound a little boring to us, it is in fact a best reward for a starving chicken.
The issue is, nearly every brand name of microwaveable or pre-bagged popcorn will have some sort of flavoring or seasoning on it.

For the most part, even brand names that market their popcorn as being “plain” or “unflavored” might often have ingredients and seasoning so simply take care.

popcorn for chickens

For the most part, unless you can discover the ideal brand name, it is constantly best for you to pop your corn yourself so you understand it is completely safe.

Likewise, you’ll wish to make certain that you offer the popcorn time to cool prior to serving it. It can stay a little hot at the center for a long time, and this can be hazardous for the chicken to swallow as they run the risk of burning themselves.

Popcorn for Chickens: 5 Amazing Things You Need to Know

Just How Much Popcorn Can A Chicken Eat?

Popcorn is not actually jam-packed filled with nutrients, so it must be given in small amounts and as a treat to chickens. Similar to it is a treat for us human beings.

A number of handfuls for a group of chickens is the quantity you need to be aiming to offer, 1-2 times each week.  This is something to have just as a bit of a reward every once in a while and it ought to never ever displace their natural and healthy diet plan.

Popcorn for Chickens: 5 Amazing Things You Need to Know

It is extremely crucial that you understand this in no other way an alternative to feed. They will struggle with poor nutrition if you try to do this.

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Popcorn for Chickens Nutrition

An ounce of popcorn has about 110 calories– 12 of which are from fat. An ounce supplies 1.3 grams of overall fat, 0.2 grams of hydrogenated fat, and 2 milligrams of salt (even when saltless). Popcorn likewise has 0.2 grams of sugar and about 3.7 grams of protein.  There are very little nutrients, minerals and vitamins in popcorn too.

popcorn for chickens

To put it simply, it is actually not that nutritionally abundant and need to not be relied upon to do so.

So while popcorn acts as a good treat every now and then, it must never ever end up being a staple in a human/chicken diet plan.

Other Healthy Treats For Chickens

Popcorn for chickens isn’t the only reward that chickens can take pleasure in and value as a treat.

arcona chicken

In general, they can take pleasure in most grains (that are once again, saltless and have no ingredients like butter).
Prepared, they can have some rice, pasta, or grits. Likewise, they can have oatmeal and any kind or dried corn (which you might often see blended in specific feeds. They can likewise delight in bread every once in a while.

bird owners
They can likewise delight in a great deal of various fruits. Strawberries, blueberries, melons, peeled bananas, apple pieces, raspberries. Even if they are a little overripe and squishy, it is usually safe and pleasurable for them to treat on so long as there is no mold. This is the same for many veggies also.

Seeds, such as those from sunflowers or pumpkins, are likewise a yummy reward they will take pleasure in. They will likewise delight in any bean you have however adhere to cooked beans also. Keep in mind all of this requires to be saltless and unseasoned.

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chickens eating mealworms
Chickens Eating Mealworms

Lastly, it may feel a bit troubling, however chickens are omnivores. This implies that you can provide some (unseasoned) remaining meat cuts. Providing worms that you discover in the garden is likewise a terrific way to give them protein.

How To Cook Popcorn For Chickens

A great deal of popcorn brand names that you will stumble upon include a great deal of sugar, salt and other ingredients which must not be fed to chickens.

chickens as pets
pet chicken

As such, the very best thing you can do is pop your own corn for your chickens. Its inexpensive, fast and easy to do.

In Summary

Chickens can eat popcorn safely but in moderate amounts, and they tend to truly enjoy it when you do. Due to its absence of dietary worth, it needs to be served occasionally as a reward.

fermented chicken feed
Fermented Chicken Feed

That being stated, it can be a fantastic and great way to provide different treats and enhance your bird’s essential joy and wellness.
Simply beware with store-bought brands as a great deal of them include hazardous levels of sugar, fat, salt and other ingredients. For the most part, it is best to pop your own kernels and let them cool before you serve them.


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  1. i like to air pop popcorn. I give the girls a little treat then I take mine and put a little olive oil, and virgin coconut oil….yummy with a bit of finely ground sea salt.

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