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10 Best Compelling Tips for New Bird Owners

Ten Tips for Bird Owners

Poultry delight the eye with a bright color and beautiful singing. Regardless of the choice of a pet for bird owners, each of them needs to create certain conditions, care, disease prevention and timely veterinary care in case of well-being. Due to the small size and active metabolism, poultry living in cages quickly die if they become infected with any infections. Therefore, before buying a pets like smart dog, cat and love birds, evaluate your capabilities and strengths. Get even more tips to take care of your pets from

Do I Need To Have Poultry?

It only at first glance seems that everything is simple with birds. Dogs or cats walk around the house and eat a lot, but even if the parrot or canary eats little, they still need attention. In addition, the birds are timid and may take many years to tame.
In the process of life of any pet, waste remains. Birds molt and lose feathers. In a person with an allergy, bird excrement, fluff and particles of the epithelium can lead to chronic diseases of the bronchopulmonary system or dermatitis.

new bird owners chickens in the yard

Poultry, especially parrots, need to be allowed to fly outside the cage. At this time, it is better not to leave the house so that the bird does not get injured or spoil the wallpaper and furniture. You should take care of the windows and open windows by installing grids on them. Think carefully about whether you need to get poultry and whether you can handle this responsibility. After all, a feathered pet is not a decoration for a house or apartment, but a living creature that needs the attention of a person.

Communication With The Bird

Poultry usually sleep at night, but fall asleep in the evening, especially when sitting in a cage. If the pet is covered with a cloak, then he will doze off during the day.  But the birds wake up early. If you are used to sleeping late, be sure to cover the cage with a dense cloth at night. Songbirds wake up especially early and begin to sing loudly.

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Choosing A Cage And Place For It

The cage or coop should correspond to the size and number of birds that will be in it. Only in this case will the pets be comfortable. The bird sitting on the perch should have enough space to spread its wings and not touch them with twigs or a house. For one medium-sized pet, it is necessary to choose a cage with a length of at least 45 cm and a height of 35 to 45 cm. It is better to make a little more perch, approximately 2-3 per bird.

The cage must be placed in a bright and relatively warm room, away from constant contact with ultraviolet and drafts. The space of the cage should be comfortable for the birds. You should the birds cage away from the kitchen. As a rule, the cage is
placed or suspended higher. The abundance of vapors during cooking, an excess of carbon dioxide has a bad effect on the feathered lungs. In addition, the ceiling is always warmer than the bottom, and during intense cooking it can become unacceptably hot.

Light, Humidity, Temperature And Clean Air

Lack of light negatively affects the health of domestic birds, especially their sexual activity. Therefore, in the winter months, when pets do not have enough ultraviolet light, it is necessary to use additional light sources. The daylight hours must be at
least 12 hours. In warm time, it is recommended to take the cage with the pet out onto the street for 30–40 minutes, but provide shading on one side of the home.  The usual indoor air temperature is suitable for most poultry. It is recommended to
air the room in the morning and in the evening, but when the bird is in another room to exclude drafts.

Amadi can only be kept in enclosures in the warmer months. Common poultry (parrots, canaries) should be outdoors only in good weather, not under the scorching sun and not more than 40-60 minutes a day.

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Poultry Feed Selection

For feeding poultry, it is better to use a ready made grain mixture that is suitable for a certain type of bird. The main component of the diet of parrots is millet.  Canaries are recommended to add crushed kernels of seeds and buckwheat to the finished mixture. Several times a week, you can offer the birds low-fat cottage cheese and chopped boiled egg.

Egg Shell for Poultry Feeds
Egg Shell for Poultry Feeds

Additionally, the birds are given an egg shell or chalk powder to make up for the lack of calcium in the body. Mineral stones and
sepia perform two functions at once: they help grind off beak and saturate the body with minerals. These products are especially relevant for parrots. Some birds need special sand, which is used for swimming.

Poultry Safety

The safety of poultry during flight must be considered in advance. Many birds defecate during air walks on furniture and things in the room. Do not leave open windows and doors if the bird flies and can get on the street. Other pets, especially
cats and dogs, can cause serious harm to domesticated birds. It is also not recommended to leave the bird alone with the child or give the baby a pet in her arms.

Poultry Cleaning for Bird Owners

Choose cages with convenient pallets that are easy to wash and clean. Cleaning the house of poultry is necessary as they become dirty. Do not place feeders and drinking bowls under the poles so that the stool does not fall into the feed and
water. Release the bird during harvesting. Soak pallets with warm water and, if necessary, the entire cage.

This will facilitate the cleaning process. As soon as dried stools and food soften, they are easy to wash off. For convenience, you can use a brush with a short pile.  Do not place the cage, especially with a parrot, close to wallpaper and other wall
coverings. There is a high probability that the bird will ruin them with its beak.  Domestic birds spread feathers and food near the cage. To facilitate care, it is best to place it on a separate tray that is easy to shake.

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Bird Diseases

Poultry can be sick, especially with improper care and a lack of vitamins. At the first sign of a disease, you should consult your veterinarian. Birdwatchers treat bird diseases, but not every city has such specialists. Therefore, it is better to prevent
diseases, including with the help of fortified preparations for oral use.  One such remedy is Radostin Antistress. The drug is also suitable for quick recovery after illness and for the prevention of stressful situations in birds that have
moved transportation or moved to a new place of residence.

Bird Diseases in Poultry
Bird Diseases in Poultry

Breeding for Bird Owners

Only healthy and young poultry are subject to reproduction. Egg laying time is planned more often in March or April. Do not let pets that are weakened, in the process of molting or undergoing severe stress into breeding. If you can not provide decent care, high quality nutrition for the bird and its chicks, do not breed birds.

How To Distribute Offspring From Poultry

Finding a host for a bird can be a problem. If you are not raising birds professionally, it is best not to do this at all. Birds of domestic breeding are reluctant to take to the pet store and must require a certificate. According to the announcement via the Internet, it is not clear in which hands the feathered will fall.

Acquaintances and friends are suddenly not ready for the appearance of a bird, although you warned them in advance. Therefore, the risk is great that your pets will remain with you. But if you still decide to become a poultry breeder, consult a
competent breeder. Perhaps he will help you with the implementation for a certain percentage of sales.


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