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9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

You never believed you’d have an interest in raising a chicken that appears like it had a catastrophe with a clothes dryer, did you?

The Frizzle chicken is a breed that has actually been around for a long time– since the 1600s!– however, it has actually just recently risen to appeal.

frizzle chicken

This distinct chicken breed is cherished all over the world for its amusing look and its cuddly disposition.

Here’s what you need to know about the Frizzle chicken.

Background of the Frizzle Chicken

Many individuals presume that the Frizzle chicken is a brand-new breed since it’s just reached the spotlight lately. Nevertheless, that’s far from reality. This chicken breed has really been around for rather a long time!

In fact, it was first pointed out in historical files at some point in the 1600s. It also referenced Charles Darwin himself, who described what we know as a Frizzle chicken as Caffie Fowl.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Darwin specified that these birds were discovered mainly in India, presuming this from pre-owned understanding because he was never actually known to go to India himself.

However, that presumption holds water as it holds that the Frizzle gene initially happened in the Far East– more than likely, China or the East Indies.

As the bird increased in appeal, increasingly more were given to western nations to be used as breeding stock.

Frizzling is, in fact, triggered by a distinct hereditary characteristic that several different breeds can have.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Polish, Cochin, Japanese bantams, and even Plymouth Rocks have actually been noted to Frizzle! There is a broad selection of other birds who are thought to have this ability, too.

You can even cross other breeds with Frizzle chickens to preserve that frizzling gene. The Silkie, for instance, is frequently crossed with Frizzle genes for a very lovable bird.

What is Frizzling?

Before we can enter into more information about what the Frizzle chicken is, it’s crucial to discuss what frizzling really is.

Frizzling is where the plumes of a bird start to curl external and up, moving far from the body instead of lying flat against them as they would in a common hen.

The plume shaft of the bird will begin to curl and twist, providing the chicken a distinct look.

It’s triggered by a dominant gene that is insufficient, with one copy enough to produce the frizzling impact. Nevertheless, if both parents have the Frizzle gene, you’ll have a specifically frizzly bird!

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

The quantity of frizzling that you see will differ depending on the frequency of the “mf” gene with any bird.

Nevertheless, it needs to be kept in mind that most breeders do not actively breed Frizzle chickens with Frizzle chickens.

This would provide you Frizzle chickens instead of Frizzle chickens. The majority of breeders rather reproduce typical hens with Frizzles, which offered you a mix of chicks.

The reason that breeders do not actively demand frizzle chicks is that they have remarkably fragile features.

These can break off at the smallest touch, indicating your chickens will set irregular feathering or perhaps end up being absolutely bald.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

This is not appealing. However, even worse, it’s not safe for your chicks– it makes it far more most likely that they will catch the aspects or that other chickens will threaten them.

Moreover, Frizzle chickens are inclined to a range of physical and heart problems, which can decrease the general life expectancy of your chickens.

Frizzle Chicken Appearance

In numerous locations, Frizzle chickens are categorized as their own breed. These locations include Slovakia, Australia, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, the UK, and Italy.

Nevertheless, in the United States, Frizzle is not the name of a breed rather simply a kind of plumage.

As a result, Frizzle chickens can not be show birds in the United States, although you can show them as specimens of specific breeds, like Polish or Cochin.

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9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Instead of being assessed as a Frizzle chicken, the bird will be evaluated based upon its conformity to the breed requirement.

While some breeds do well in the exhibit ring for this reason– the Cochin chicken is one fine example– others do not.

For the most part, as a breed type, Frizzle chickens are categorized in South Asia, the Philippines, and Java classes.

They have concise beaks that are firm and yellow, with bright red eyes in color. They have wattles and earlobes that are also crimson.

They need to be full-breasted with short, erect bodies broad and backed by big, long-winged tails. Their combs are upright and single.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Frizzle chickens normally have 4 toes per foot, with neat legs that are yellow in color. There are several colors available, which we will get to. However, typically, black shading is allowed in some black/blue tones.

Weight differs depending upon the specific breed of Frizzle chicken you are raising.

Nevertheless, most will be available at around 8 pounds for roosters and 6 pounds for hens. Bantams can weigh as much as 27 ounces.

Now– here’s what Frizzle chickens are truly known for– their plumage!

At first glimpse, you may consider you have lost your feather duster when you look upon a Frizzle chicken.

These birds appear like combinations of wild, windswept plumes with legs (nearly like feather dusters, in fact!).

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Depending on the breed, these chickens can either look neat and curly or wild and windswept. All will look soft and not spiky, nevertheless.

The chicken will take the shape of its breed, so there is some difference here.

Frizzles are acquired in lots of colors, including:


Although there are other colors around (breeders are continuously exploring brand-new color varieties and patterns), these are undoubtedly the most common tones.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

They can be seen in both standard and bantam size, as formerly pointed out. However, unlike other breeds where this prevails, Frizzles are far more popular in their bantam kinds.

Frizzle Chicken Behavior

Frizzles do not simply look sweet and cute– they are friendly and lovable!

These chickens are noted for being docile, mild, and sweet. They are friendly and soft-spoken and are excellent for households since they do well at being handled.

It is not unusual for Frizzle chickens to end up being lap chickens or perhaps family pets, in fact!

Frizzle chickens are family-friendly, and they succeed in the arena. Nevertheless, you require to look out that they do not get bullied by other more assertive breeds.

This is incredibly typical with Frizzle chickens because they are so shy and much smaller than conventional chickens.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Plus, their distinct, rather unusual feathering makes them an easy target for bullies.

Keep a close eye on your Frizzle chickens, specifically when you initially present them to the remainder of the flock.

They work well with similar types like Cochins, Polish, or Silkies. However, look out for feather-picking and other aggressive habits.

These can quickly grow out of hand when you have Frizzle chickens.

Typical Issues with Frizzle Chickens

Frizzle chickens do have some health concerns to be familiar with– the majority of these can be related right to their feathering.

They can’t fly, so they require lower perches set down at a much shorter height.

They need to be easier to access, or the birds will stack together on the bedding. This is since the birds are so little, and their plume patterns make it difficult to fly.

Also, if you prefer to free-range your Frizzle chickens, you must make certain the location is predator-proof. The birds can not fly up and escape the threat.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

You need to bear in mind the environment in which you are keeping your frizzle chickens, too.

While some individuals report that their Frizzle chickens are sturdy, this truly depends on where you are raising your birds and what sort of breed they are descendants from.

In severe cold, you require to watch on your birds, as the feathering is not a good insulator (as it is in other types of chickens).

Heavy rainfall, be it snow or rain, also requires to be prevented. Any harsh weather condition, in fact, can present a tight spot for your Frizzle chickens.

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9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

The plumes aren’t good at keeping your chickens either cool or warm, so you must ensure that every step is required to guarantee their convenience and security.

The thick head feathering on the Frizzle chicken can also disrupt its vision. You may require to cut the plumes at the tips from time to time, which will provide adequate clearance to see.

Simply remember that you can’t cut down this feathering if you intend on showing your birds. This will hinder its eligibility for the show ring.

There are techniques you can claim to manage the plumes, however, so it’s worth checking out those if clipping or cutting is not an alternative.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Keep in mind that a Frizzle chicken that can not see will not be more happy chicken or a healthy chicken.

If your chicken is having difficulty seeing, you’ll know since it will act in a remarkably anxious way and may stress at any time you get in the cage or attempt to touch it.

If you can’t cut the plumes of your Frizzle chicken for whatever reason, try integrating a couple of techniques to accustom your Frizzle chicken to its calmness.

For instance, when you go into the cage, you can try talking with your birds, so they recognize that you are approaching.

Egg & Meat Production

This section describes the levels of egg/ meat production that you need to anticipate out of a frizzle chicken.

Is the Frizzle Chicken Good for Eggs?

Regrettably, if you choose to raise a Frizzle chicken, it will be mainly for show and friendship than for anything else.

These birds are not known for having a remarkable egg-laying capability. They are frequently referred to as “inferior” in this area!

Nevertheless, that’s not to declare that you will not get any eggs at all.

These chickens will lay up to 150 cream-colored eggs each year (although they can likewise be tinted). That indicates you will get 2 or 3 eggs every week.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

They go broody frequently and are incredibly great moms. They can be moderately slower than usual chicks in feathering out, so you may need to keep them in the brooder longer if you choose to raise them starting when they are chicks.

You can increase the egg production of your Frizzle chicken by supplying it with a high protein diet. Protein assists enhance egg production and can even assist plume production in your fragile Frizzle chickens.

Is the Frizzle Chicken Good for Meat?

Sadly, the little size of the Frizzle chicken suggests that it is not the best for meat production.

You truly can’t depend on a bird this little to produce lots of meat for you. Nevertheless, this all depends upon the parent breed of the Frizzle chicken.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Some versions are categorized as heavy breeds, so depending on which kind of Frizzle chicken you have, you might have the ability to get away with raising a Frizzle chicken for the table– however, do not rely on it. Rather, intend on raising your Frizzle chicken for exhibit or as a pet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Raising Frizzle Chickens

Here are a couple of advantages and disadvantages of raising frizzle chickens:


Frizzle chickens enjoy being bound to runs or pens. They can also free-range with ease. However, you’ll require to make certain you have some defense in place for them.

They aren’t good at flying, so your fences need to be high sufficient to keep predators out. A covered run is typically needed to prevent air-borne predators from getting at these visually impaired animals.

Otherwise, Frizzle chickens are easy to tame and are extremely calm and relaxed.

With its special, crazy look, you would anticipate the Frizzle chicken to be on high alert at all times, running around the coop in complete panic mode.

Nevertheless, this bird is anything however crazed, rather acting in a relaxed, laid down manner.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Frizzle chickens are also noted for being excellent brooders and mindful moms. Although they have some quite outrageous feathering, you will not worry over them revealing their love and taking care of their chicks.

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They will gladly incubate their own eggs and look after their young little chicks.

Because Frizzle chickens are small, you will not require lots of additional area in the cage for them, either. They can’t fly easily, so the roost bars need to be reduced close to the ground.


Most importantly, if you choose to breed and incubate your own Frizzle chickens, you need to be conscious of which chickens you use to do so.

Never, by any means, must you breed a Frizzle chicken to another Frizzle chicken.

This can trigger your chicks to be entirely bald and to have a range of other health problems. Rather, breed your Frizzle to another chicken breed like a Silkie.

Because of their curly, thin plumes, Frizzle chickens also need some level of security from the cold.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Their plumes are not much protective on their own, so they will require a warm, well-ventilated cage to prevent chilling in the winter season.

You will also need to watch predators, specifically pet dogs, felines, foxes, and hawks. Frizzle chickens are easy targets for many predators because of their feathering that blocks their vision.

Grooming your Frizzle chicken regularly is an excellent concept.

Frizzles are vulnerable to external parasites, like mites and lice, then other chicken breeds. However, as the chicken owner, it can be harder for you to find the pests concealing in the thick feathering of your Frizzles.

For that reason, you will wish to ensure your birds have adequate access to a dust bath and even consider including some natural essential oils into the bath to keep parasites at bay.

Frizzle chickens can also be hard to find. Although you can find some Frizzle chicks at live poultry outlets or some local farms and online sellers– they aren’t available in the typical places where you can find more popular breeds, like New Hampshire.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

Frizzles are easy to mingle with, as they are friendly and sweet.

Nevertheless, considering that they are so small, it is easy for the Frizzle to target other chicken bullies.

You might wish to raise medium-sized breeds known for being docile instead of more aggressive or bigger breeds.

Last Thoughts

The Frizzle chicken can be a lovely addition to your backyard flock.

Although some care will need to be taken into consideration to this chicken’s distinct health and grooming requirements, it is non-aggressive and will do well with your other more friendly chicken breeds.

9 Amazing Reasons to Raise Frizzle Chickens

When it pertains to exhibit and companionship, you actually can’t beat that Frizzle chicken– it’s one of the very best.

In fact, lots of people keep them as home chickens! While they aren’t the best if you’re searching for high meat or egg production, they are an undeniable delight to take a look at if you are simply searching for a new chicken pet.



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