can chickens eat strawberry

10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

The question is, can chickens eat strawberry? Chickens seem to be amongst the luckiest animals on the planet so far. Why am I saying this? It is because they can eat a variety of foods.

From grains to vegetables and meat to fruits, chickens can hardly do not have something to eat. Speaking of fruits, these birds love strawberries. Which is precisely what we are going to go over in detail.

can chickens eat strawberry

Being omnivorous, your chickens will consume nearly all sorts of fruits, including strawberries. This reward is not only delicious, but it’s laden with necessary nutrients that can benefit your chickens.

Chickens love eating vegetables and fruits. In addition to that, they take pleasure in kitchen scraps and table leftovers. Variation in their diet plan implies a lot to them. With different foods at their disposal, chickens can develop both physically and mentally.

Various diet plans can also impact your chicken’s state of mind. When complete, they will not experience any type of stress. At the same time, they will get rid of any stress-related conditions. That discusses why cases such as plume selecting are less than when they are hungry.

Once again, your chicken’s diet is everything about balance. For the chickens, high quantities of sugar and salt are not advised. Too many of these elements can impact their health negatively. This is since the gastrointestinal system is weak and can not handle sugary or salty foods.

10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

As a matter of fact, their digestion system can not metabolize sweet deals in big quantities. This also applies to large amounts of fruits such as strawberries and others.

Also, overfeeding your chickens with particular deals can become a solid practice. When this becomes regular, it can result in unhealthy chickens. That is the factor you require to apply the balance in their diet.

Just like other treats, you likewise need to limit the usage of strawberries to 10 percent, which implies that 90 percent must be the main chicken diet plan and the rest strawberries.

Anything beyond this portion is detrimental to your bird’s well-being. A lot of strawberries can adversely impact their performance and the quality of eggs.

10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

What is Strawberry Fruit?

Far from the number of treats your chickens ought to have, we pertain to what actually is a strawberry fruit. Brace yourself for a surprise. Strawberries are not berries, as you may have thought. This info needs to leave you in a state of confusion. However you are not alone.

A strawberry is the thicker part of the stem that holds the flowers and organs. This part is the receptacle. So, which is the fruit?

The real fruit of the strawberry is the tiny dark dots, likewise called achenes. They appear all over the red fleshy body of the strawberry, and each of these dots is an ovary.

As usual, ovaries secure seeds, and this is the work of achenes on a strawberry. The calyx is the greener leading part of the strawberry. Their main function is to protect the receptacle and blossoming bud.

10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

Strawberries come from the rose family type of plants. This information is important for numerous factors. The secret among them is that these plants produce a compound referred to as hydrogen cyanide.

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From its name alone, you can inform that the content is poisonous. So, it can kill you and even your birds. But just if you ingest it in large dosages.

In strawberries, hydrogen cyanide is expelled by means of the leaves to deter the bugs. As the plant becomes fully grown, this substance fades, leaving the leaves, stems, and the fruit itself safe for usage– no surprise the leaves of this plant are utilized as tea in different parts of the world.

Why Should You Feed Your Chickens Strawberries?
10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

Strawberries are tasty, accessible, and healthy. Besides, they are easily offered and easy to eat. Therefore, you must make a practice of supplying your birds with this treat. If you do so, they will like it and desire it some more. However, don’t provide too much unless you wish to spoil them.

Typically, strawberries are identified as a superfood for rather numerous factors. They include the majority of the necessary nutrients and are exceptionally great for your flock of chickens.

Here are some of the proven health benefits of feeding your chickens strawberries:

Nutritional Facts: Can Chicken Eat Strawberry

10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

Strawberries consist of carbohydrates at 7.7 percent and water at 91 percent. They likewise contain protein (0.7 percent) and fat (0.3 percent) in percentages.

The nutrients in 100-gram (3.5 ounces) of raw strawberries are as shown below:

Calories: 32
Water: 91 percent
Protein: 0.7 grams
Carbohydrates: 7.7 grams
Sugar:4.9 grams
Fiber 2: grams
Fat: 0.3 grams


10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

Fresh strawberries have high quantities of water. As such, their total carbohydrate material is very low. These carbs are fewer than 8 grams per 100 grams (3.5 ounces). Based upon these figures, you will discover that the net absorbable carbohydrates material is less than 6 grams.

The majority of these carbohydrates in berries are found in natural sugars. These sugars consist of fructose, glucose, and sucrose. In addition, they contain a considerable quantity of fiber.

Strawberries have a reasonably low glycemic index rating. This IG index is 40. This must inform you that strawberries are safe for your birds to consume. But make sure that you feed them strawberries occasionally and in small quantities.


10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

Strawberries are abundant in fiber also. Fiber represents a massive 26 percent of the carbohydrate content found in this treat. A single serving of this reward (3.5 ounces or 100 grams) can offer your chickens 2 grams of fiber. Bear in mind that this fiber is both insoluble and soluble.

The dietary fibers in strawberries play an important function in your chicken’s digestion system. They feed helpful bacteria in the gut, thus enhancing their gastrointestinal health. On top of that, they help in weight loss, not to mention their capability to prevent lots of diseases.

Vitamins and Minerals


Carbs and fiber, strawberries include minerals and vitamins. These 2 elements are considered the building blocks that your feathered pals require to grow much healthier and stronger.

Examples of vitamins and proteins found in strawberries consist of the following:

Vitamin C

10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

Strawberries are a fantastic source of vitamin C. This kind of vitamin acts as a powerful antioxidant not only in human bodies however likewise in chickens. As an antioxidant, vitamin C promotes the immune system of your chickens to keep them healthy throughout.

Vitamin B9 (Folate): Another kind of vitamin in strawberries is B9 or folate. This nutrient plays a substantial role in healthy tissue development. At the same time, it helps in the cell function to promote growth in chickens.

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Manganese: This nutrient is generally found in entire grains, fruits, veggies, and legumes. Manganese in strawberries is vital in several procedures within the body. It is mostly thought about among the trace elements in this treat.

Potassium: One of the minerals in strawberries, potassium, is associated with several essential body functions. The most essential of these functions is the regulation of blood pressure.

Strawberries also consist of copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamins B6, E, and K.

10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

Other Important Plant Substances

Strawberries have lots of antioxidants as well as beneficial plant compounds.

They include:

Pelargonidin: This is the main anthocyanin compound in strawberries. It is accountable for the red color of this fruit.

Ellagic Acid: It comes in high doses in strawberries and is a polyphenol antioxidant. Ellagic acid is also beneficial to the health of your chickens.

Ellagitannins: Comparable to ellagic acid, this compound is transformed into ellagic acid inside your chicken’s gut. It is connected to numerous health benefits, such as combating germs in the chicken’s digestive system.

Procyanidins: These substances become part of the anti-oxidants found in strawberry seeds and flesh. They have many advantageous health results on your birds.

Health Benefits of Strawberries: Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

Feeding your chickens a considerable amount of strawberries can have a favorable influence on their health. To be precise, this reward assists in decreasing lots of causes of persistent diseases. Also, it can enhance heart health and lower blood sugar level.

Here are the health benefits of providing your chickens’ strawberries:

Heart disease can be damaging to your chickens unless you take extreme steps in time. In this case, you may consider incorporating a couple of strawberries in their diet to help them achieve health.

Out of numerous compounds discovered in this fruit, anthocyanins stand apart from the rest when it pertains to improving heart health. Many research studies have certainly connected this compound to decreasing the danger of heart-related deaths.

More studies show that strawberries can improve HDL or excellent cholesterol, blood platelet functions, and blood pressure.

10 Interesting Facts Can Chickens Eat Strawberry

Other purposes of this fruit consist of:

Improving blood antioxidant status
Minimizing swelling
Decreasing oxidative stress
Improving vascular function
Improving the blood lipid profile
Decrease of the hazardous oxidation of bad cholesterol

Blood Sugar Level Guideline

When your chickens absorb carbohydrates, their bodies break them down into simple sugars. These sugars are launched into their bloodstream. Then their bodies start secreting insulin.

The production of insulin activates the body to use up the sugar from the bloodstream. This sugar is used as fuel in the body or stored for future usage.

Still, on the blood sugar level guideline, strawberries have actually been discovered to decrease the food digestion of glucose. This action lowers the spikes in glucose and insulin.

In general, this reward helps in avoiding metabolic syndrome and obesity in chickens. For that reason, this treat guarantees that your flock stays devoid of heart problems and cases of ending up being obese.

Existing Threats Associated With Feeding Your Chickens Strawberries?

There are no reported cases of deaths in chickens as a result of consuming strawberry fruits, leaves, and stalks. But consuming the strawberry calyxes is most likely to cause gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea.

In stock and chickens, in particular, diarrhea is a severe health problem. Frequently it causes death if no action is taken at the right time.

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Besides the natural danger of consuming strawberry leaves and calyxes, consider insecticides and pesticides as other dangers. These chemicals are generally used to control destructive pests, and their residue remains on leaves, stems, and fruits.

When your chickens eat the affected parts of this plant, they can develop serious health issues due to chemical poisoning.

If your source of strawberries is from the organically grown trees, then you should have absolutely nothing to fret about. The only thing you should keep an eye out for is the amount you are feeding your flock.

Small amounts are the only method to go to keep your crowd healthy, pleased, and productive. Do not exceed the 10 percent limitation for strawberries or any other reward when feeding your chickens.

In 2015, strawberries came number four amongst the most pest-infected fruits/food products. One strawberry can have as many as 13 different pesticides at one time. Among these are chloropicrin, methyl bromide, and Telone (1,3-D).

These chemicals are linked to different health and developmental issues. Make sure that you clean the strawberries well prior to permitting your chickens to eat them.

Related Concerns– Can Chickens Eat Strawberry?


What is the importance of feeding your chickens strawberries in small amounts? One thing you need to understand is that strawberries, much like other fruits, have a high sugar concentration.

So, when you allow them to consume more of this reward, they will experience some metabolic problems. Their gastrointestinal system can not metabolize sugar and this might cause cases such as obesity and heart problems. With that in mind, think about strawberries as a periodic reward.

When is the correct time to provide your chickens’ strawberries? Whenever of the day is advised as long as you feed them sometimes. However, it is a good idea to feed them this reward on hot summertime days to help them cool down their bodies.

Strawberries include a great deal of water, which will hydrate your birds on a hot day.

Final Thought: Can Chickens Eat Strawberry?

Chickens are beautiful, adorable, and wonderful farm animals that are manageable to look after. They will take in nearly anything you feed them and will not take away most of your attention.

They can eat strawberries, just like other treats. However, you need to be mindful of the amount you are providing. Otherwise, strawberries are just right for your flock and will keep them healthy for a very long time.


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