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Poultry Feed Production Machines Review

There are various steps involved in establishing a poultry feed milling plant for your poultry farm. Once you have the structures and the feed making expertise, it is time to move forward and acquire a suitable poultry feel milling machine that you will use to crush, grind or pellet the poultry feeds for your chickens and customers.

There are various poultry feed milling machines manufacturers available in the market currently. Many of these equipment are manufactured by Chinese companies and you can easily order them via Alibaba to your country. Here is a look at some of the best feed mill machinery and equipment in the market based on consumer reviews:-

LOCHAMP SZLH Series Pellet Mill

LOWCHAMP is one of the leaders in animal feed production equipment and feed production lines. The SZLH Series Pellet Mill is a small feed pelleting machine that can be used in small scale operations. In spite of its relatively small size, it still has a large capacity of between 0.4 tons to 15 tonnes per hour making it suitable not just for small scale but also large scale poultry feed milling operations. It produces various sizes of feed pellets ranging from 0.8mm to 15mm.

LOWCHAMP SZLH Series Pellet Mill
LOWCHAMP SZLH Series Pellet Mill

To but this pellet mill, you can email the company at [email protected] 

Rongyao Factory Home Use Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine

If you are running a small poultry farm or small poultry feed milling operation and have small capital for your feed milling operation, then this will be the ideal poultry feed milling/feed pelleting machine. It utilizes very little power and has a capacity of only 75kg to 100kg per hour. If it runs for the whole work day, you can use this to mill anywhere from 10 to 20 bags per day of poultry feeds.

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Rongyao Machine Poultry Feed Pellet Machine
Rongyao Machine Poultry Feed Pellet Machine

For a small poultry feed milling operation supporting a farm of only a few thousands birds, this machine will be adequate. In a month, you can use this to mill more than 30 tons of poultry feed, enough to generate you up to $30,000 in revenues. The good thing is that the machine costs only $632. With some shipping fee and customs fee, the costs can come to about $1200 which is a very small investment.


Pellet Size: 3mm to 6mm

Pellet Moisture: 13% to 16%

Function: Slicing

Voltage: 220V

Power: 2-3kW

Work Bowl Capacity: 75kg to 100kg per hour.


Laizhou Chengda Machinery Poultry Feed Pellet Machine

This offers a slight improvement over the Rongya Machine. It has a larger capacity and you can use it to make finer poultry feed pellets or bigger pellets depending on your preferences. This poultry feed milling machine has excellent rigidity, perfect smoothness, as well as a standard degree of moistness. The poultry feed will be evenly cooked during the processing which will help increase the proportion of the take-in nutrition in the poultry feed. It leads to greater uniformity and mixing of the poultry feeds.

When poultry feed is thrown into the machine, the pressing roller and the ingredients mixture will be heated to a temperature of about 60 or 80 degrees Celsius by the friction in the roller. This comes out of the machine in a granular form. Use different templates to choose the granule size.  Every template has different hole sizes to give you the required granule size. This feed milling machine runs on diesel engine and costs about $1375 excluding the shipping costs.

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Shandong Rotex Machinery Poultry Pellet Feed Machine

This is a new high quality and fairly affordable poultry feed pellet machine. It has a very simple design and a simple mode of operation making it one of the most popular small and affordable poultry feed pelleting machines. You can buy this for a small scale poultry feed pelleting operation or even for family use. The machine is easier to clean the dye and roller can be removed and changed easily. The machine is also relatively small and lightweight which makes it possible for small scale or family based light industrial operations. The machine is designed such that you can even look inside the chamber when pelletizing the poultry food.

Shandong Rotex Machinery Poultry Pellet Feed Machine
Shandong Rotex Machinery Poultry Pellet Feed Machine

This poultry pellet feed machine makes very soft pellets which makes it possible to retain the original nutrition that your poultry needs. The feed pellets made by the Shandong Rotex poultry pellet feed machine are generally as natural as possible, easy to chew and easy to digest.

You can pick from various models. The smallest one has power consumption of 2.0 to 2.3kW and weight of 100kg while the biggest has a power consumption of 11 to 15kW and a weight of 368kg. The machine costs only $960.  Visit profile on Alibaba to make an order


Shandong Rotex Machinery Poultry Feed Pellet Production Machine

This is another poultry feed pellet machine by Shandong Rotex Machines Co or Rotexmaster. It has a higher capacity than the above machine and can mill up anywhere from 300kg to 500kg per hour making it a suitable machine for someone wanting to mill bigger amounts of poultry feeds. It is still suited for small scale family or industrial enterprises. With this, you can mill anywhere from $75,000 to $150,000 worth of poultry feeds per month.

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Shandong Rotex Machinery Poultry Pellet Feed Machine 2
Shandong Rotex Machinery Poultry Pellet Feed Machine

This is still a small and portable pelletizer machine and can make poultry feed pellets through shaft driving and high technology. It works without water, based on a dry input and dry output mechanism.

This poultry feed pellet machine is widely used in small scale family based poultry feed milling operations. It can also be used by small cooperatives. The compressed poultry feed pellets that it produces can be used for various kinds of livestock including chicken, duck, fish and pigs. It can take in all the raw materials used in poultry feed milling including corn powder, soybean pulp, grass meal among others. The machine costs $1100 excluding the shipping fees.


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