There are various techniques which can be used in formulating poultry feeds. All of these poultry feed formulation techniques are geared at achieving the same objective of producing high quality and well balanced poultry feeds at the least cost possible.

Here is a brief overview of some of the techniques used in poultry feed formulation:-

Trial and Error Poultry Feed Formulation Technique

The trial and error technique is the most popular method used in poultry feed formulation. As the name suggests, the feed formulation will be manipulated through a trial and error process until you are able to meet the nutritional needs of the bird. Through the trial and error method, it is possible to formulate the exact the combination that will meet all the nutrient needs of the bird.

Linear Programming (LP) Poultry Feed Formulation Method

The linear programming technique involves coming up with a least cost formulation with the use of various mathematical equations. Each of the questions can have diverse solutions but once the cost of the poultry feed ingredients is applied, you will only be able to achieve a single least cost combination to work with.

This process can be done with the help of a computer that is capable of making thousands of calculations within the shortest time possible to give the least cost formulation.

The only problem is that machine will not correct any errors caused by the use of incorrect data. There could also be errors in setting up the software tool. The rations that a machine will give you via a linear programming will only be as good as the data that has been fed into the machine.

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