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Which is Better: Commercial or Organic Chicken Feed?

Many poultry professionals take their chicken feed quite seriously- but why wouldn’t you? As I have heard a lot of chicken enthusiast say,”if I’d like my eggs to flavor natural, I want to feed my chickens natural feed”. This being said, there’s a significant cost disparity between commercial and organic chicken feed which implicitly begs the question,’is there a difference between both?’ This is no easy question to answer, since the food science surrounding the creation of chicken feed is highly complex. Even so, this brief article will attempt to illuminate the vital differences between organic and industrial chicken feed.

What Is Chicken Feed Even Made From?

To be able to comprehend how organic feed is different from industrial types, it’s important to understand what chicken feed is really created out of in the first place. Basically this intricate formula is designed to make sure that your chickens get a decent combination of essential fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins to ensure they lead healthy and happy lives.

Commercial Chicken Feed Source
commercial chicken feed source

What Makes Organic Feed “Organic”?

To put it simply, organic grains and other protein sources are essentially grown through a more natural farming procedure, which does not use controversial agents such as pesticides, synthetic growth stimulants and so forth. Some customers feel uncomfortable when goods are manufactured in a means that’s quite removed from how these crops would obviously rise in the wild. As the practice of growing organic ingredients is usually more time consuming and expensive, these kinds of organic chicken feeds normally come in a more expensive price. That is in large part because of the extra cost it requires to manufacture such a product. To make confident the chicken feed you’re interested in is 100% organic, check for a ‘certified organic’ emblem which needs to be found on the packaging.

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At this stage there seems to be no strong evidence to suggest that chickens who eat organic feed versus commercial feed live healthier or happier lives. This being said, a great deal of effort was put into ensuring that chickens who eat commercial feed possess all the basic nutrient requirements that they need. Anecdotally, some poultry enthusiasts have commented that their chickens seem zealous and perkier since they’ve switched to organic feed. However at this point there does not appear to be any clear scientific evidence.

So What’s The Point?

Among the important advantages of buying organic chicken feed is that it is a more sustainable and green friendly approach to keeping chickens. Organic poultry feed does not rely upon artificial and environmentally costly chemicals to grow. This in turn helps improve the environment, and it will be ultimately a fantastic benefit to all people, including your chickens.

Whichever type of feed you decide to go with, you need to be commended for making the world a more sustainable place simply by caring for chickens. Though there’s absolutely no clear evidence at this point to suggest organic chicken feed is much better for your chickens, why don’t you simply switch over for a couple of weeks, just to see if there are any changes in disposition or egg quality. Afterall- you know your chickens best. One more thing you can try is creating your own organic chicken feed at home. Every one of these sustainable approaches help improve our environment, which can be a significant issue for us all.

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  1. Good to know that there is no big difference between the quality of both feeds. Personally, i would like to feed my chickens with organic feeds as it is nature friendly and cost effective.

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