Poultry Feed Pelleting Machine

LUODATE Poultry Feed Pellet Production Line Review

One of the big players in the poultry feed milling and pelleting machinery market is the Chinese company Luoyang Luodate. The company is a market leader when it comes to the production of the poultry feed production machines and its products have good reliability. They are used all over the world by both small scale and large scale poultry feed producer.

One of its main product lines is the poultry feed production line, a sophisticated production line that performs all the functions from screening the raw materials to grinding , pelleting and packaging.

The main feed production machine involves the following feed pelleting steps:

  • The raw material receiving section: This is where you add the raw materials used in the poultry feed formulation such as the corn, soybeans and other ingredients.
  • The grinding and mixing sections: here, the raw materials poured in are ground and mixed uniformly to create a uniformly balanced poultry feed.
  • The bucket elevator section: This is a conveyance system that transports the ground mixture into the next section of the feed production line.
  • The Stock Bin
  • The Pelletizing Section: This is where the ground poultry feed that has been mixed with additives and other food supplements is pelletized ready for packaging and sales to the market.
  • Bucket elevator: This is a downward conveyance system that transports the pelletized poultry feed to the Cooling and Broken section of the poultry pellet feed production line. Here, the hot pelletized food is cooled to a temperature of below 4 degrees Celsius before it heads to the next section.
  • Screening section: The work of the screening section is to ensure quality control during the poultry food processing.
  • Packing Section: Once the poultry feed has been screened and all any impurities or non standardized particles eliminated, the poultry feed is bagged. The bagging is automatic. After bagging, the sacks pass through a section where the bags are sealed.
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The poultry food processing is a fairly quick process. One bag is produced in a matter of minutes. You can use this kind of production line to produce multiple bags per hour. It is therefore highly suited for large scale poultry feed operations. With this kind of product line, you are able to produce millions of dollars worth of poultry feed every month.

The machine has a capacity of 1 to 1.3 tons per hour which means that in a month you are able to produce anywhere 600 to 900 tons of poultry feeds in your industrial premises.

The video below shows how the entire poultry feed production process goes:-


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