5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Keep Chickens As Pets in 2020

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Thinking about how to keep chickens as pets? If chicken keeping is a new concept to you, perhaps you’re wondering why you would want to keep chickens as pets when you can visit the grocery store to pick up your new eggs? There are many reasons to maintain pet chickens aside from having a fresh source of healthy and nutritious eggs.  Having pet chickens is a rewarding hobby that is enjoyable for the entire family.

Stressful job? You will realize that keeping chickens as pets is relaxing, fun, and surprisingly entertaining!

Not only do chickens make great pets, but they are also productive backyard friends and pay for their own upkeep with delicious and healthful fresh eggs! Think chicken keeping is pricey? The opposite is actually correct! Unlike other pets, chickens are cheap and won’t burn through your own time or your wallet. All of your garden chickens require is a small amount of care per day and they live happy and wholesome lives.

Why Chickens as Pets?

Different Poultry Egg Colors

Good Backyard Eggs

They’re also lower in cholesterol than store-bought eggs. Keeping pet chickens will let you have the delight of eating eggs out of your own backyard flock — so you understand what’s gone into producing your eggs, and you will likely never have to purchase supermarket eggs again. New backyard eggs are more flavourful — thanks to the diverse and nutritionally rich diet in which you nourish your happy and healthy hens.

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They are, in fact, fresh! The eggs you find on the supermarket shelves are months old until they ever make it to your local store. Fresh eggs are smarter also, a vivid orange instead of the light yellow barn or cage hens produce. Even better, you can be sure your eggs are organic! To produce organic eggs, just feed your chickens organic poultry feed and utilize natural cleaning and pest and parasite control methods.

Pet Chicken In Garden

Chickens are Great Garden Helpers

Are you a keen gardener? Chickens create a fantastic source of the highest quality manure and compost for your garden! Adding their employed hemp bedding into your mulch bin — or directly to your backyard bed — is a rich supply of fertilizer for your garden and precious plants. Backyard chickens may also help you til your garden soil in between plantings and aerate present garden beds. They will also make light work of any garden pests which are bothering your veggie patch crop or flower beds!

Chicken Personalities

Think that maintaining pet chickens sounds boring? Think again! Chickens have just as much character as a dog or cat — a few are even sassier, funnier, and cuter than you’d think! They are sometimes endearing, quirky, and even slightly kooky. There are so many distinct chicken breeds to choose from and they feature a stunning selection of patterns, colors, sizes, and shapes. Do not be surprised if you find yourself naming your garden chickens and giving them a hen hug! Got kids? Chicken keeping is a fantastic way to present them to the cycle of life, sustainable living, and personal responsibility.

Pet Chicken In Coop

Space and Care

Think you don’t have a backyard big enough to deliver a happy home for some adorable hens? Think again! While we always encourage chicken keepers to allow their chickens roam as quickly as possible, there are some chicken breeds that do very well in smaller backyards or restricted to a spacious poultry run carried with tried and tested boredom busters that keep them busy and emotionally stimulated. Chicken keeping is a breeze when it comes to upkeep and maintenance — provided you be sure to have the proper tools for the job.


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  • Making chickens as pets is very fascinating as it is not common for us. Usually, it is different from our pet friends like cats and dogs. But sometimes making chickens as pets has mutual benefits like they gave us nutritious eggs daily and it is enjoyable to be with them if they know you as their pet owner.

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